012  about nancy ask a question affiliate program affiliate program affiliate login subscribe:    posts   |    comments    search: home members area blog articles recipe corner teleclasses health coaching one-on-one resources testimonials programs   chronic constipation:how to get rid of constipation naturally articles if you are constipated, your body is not healthy and it’s time to get in line for a cleanse. buy cheap generic viagra online Chronic constipation is so unhealthy because toxins are formed and absorbed when waste remains in the intestines. The colon is a natural breeding ground for bacteria. Of the bacteria involved in this melee, some are bad. While the function of the good bacteria is to neutralize and prevent a toxic condition from developing in the colon (a friendly scavenger), there is also bad bacteria of the disease-producing kind (the bad guy). In a clean, healthy environment, the healthy, scavenging bacteria will control the bad bacteria. buy cheap generic viagra online When too much fermentation and putrefaction is produced in the colon by neglecting to keep our colon in good condition, it becomes necessary for the waste to be expelled from the body. For this reason, your colon is well equipped with a very efficient system of elimination, if it’s in good and proper working order. Waste should be eliminated through the bowels on a regular basis. A healthy colon eliminates waste in 6–18 hours. discount online viagra However, low-fiber, high-sugar diets cause sluggish peristaltic muscles. online sale viagra Even where sugar is not added, refined flour, rice and pasta have been stripped of their fiber and nutrients. cheap viagra no prescription The consumption of cow’s milk is the most common cause of hard, dry stools. A great book i would recommend is milk a–z by robert cohen. buy cheap generic viagra online Of course, high stress levels can also contribute to constipation. In addition, many people who experience constipation do not drink enough liquids. Yes, more liquid, especially pure water, is necessary for waste movement. Living foods can provide necessary fiber as well as nutrients. Dr. Norman w. Walker, a nutritionist and researcher, was an early advocate of fresh, raw vegetable juices, a positive attitude and regular colon cleansing as the way to become younger and stay healthy. Here are some recommendations: chlorophyll, found in green foods such as alfalfa , wheatgrass, barley grass, spirulina and blue-green algae, cleanses and heals the digestive tract. Fermented foods suchâ  as sauekrout kefir and miso, replenish the friendly bacteria needed for a healthy colon. generic viagra online canada â  a glass of lemon and hot water in the morning helps promote normal bowel function. Foods rich in magnesium, such as dark green leafy vegetables and figs, draw water into the stools, increasing their volume and softness. Devoting some time each day to relaxing quietly has a positive effect on your digestive system and along with that, thinking positive does too! The bowels need to evacuate in the morning because bacteria had been active and the metabolism has been inactive all night long: try to evacuate again if possible. Squat when you eliminate: place a footstool, box, two telephone books, or a step under both feet when seated on the toilet. By raising both feet off the ground, you put yourself in a squatting position that is more natural and encourages easy elimination. Enemas & implants: proper use of enemas and implants help the colon improve muscle tone and strength. They are especially helpful during the first few weeks of your change in diet, and chronic constipation when a great deal of waste matter is sent to the colon from all parts of the body for elimination. buy cheap generic viagra online Two very important things you can do to prevent chronic constipation are consuming enough fiber and drinking enough water each day. A diet rich in fiber (raw fruits and vegetables) helps you produce soft, well formed, regular bowel movements when you increase your water intake along with it. Also, promote the friendly bacteria in your intestines by taking a lactobacillus supplement each day. Regular exercise promotes circulation and aids the digestive system. Walk, swim, do yoga — just get up and get moving! Along with this, use breathing exercises at least 3 times a week to tone and stimulate the digestive organs. Great colon cleanse: dr. Group’s “overnight colon cleanse” last, but not least, use tummy massage to help elimination and locate tense areas when you’re having a problem. Cleanse, colon cleanse, constipation, dr. Group's "overnight colon cleanse about the author: nancy is the author of the 7 day sugar free program is officially a registered nutritional consulting practitioner. Unofficially, she’s known as the health lady on a mission. Her mission, quite simply, is to help you look and feel better – naturally – by using proven methods that are both easy to adopt and fun! Blog/website: healthlady. Com program: 7 day sugar free diet member site: women’s health academy last 5 posts by nancy desjardins cream of sweet potato soup (dairy-free) free teleclass: wheat belly: lose the wheat, lose the weight, and find your path back with dr. purchase viagra William davis dissolve the thoughts/feelings that keep you stuck part 2 with kathleen hanagan fall cleansing castor oil packing. 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