Different colored shingles on racks

How to Choose Your Shingle Color

Sure, your shingles are there to protect your home from the elements, but they serve more than a utilitarian function for your home. They play a major role in your home’s appearance and impact your home’s temperature. When it’s time to choose your shingle color, make sure you’re making an informed decision.

Choosing Shingle Color

When it comes time to replace your roof, don’t merely duplicate the look of your home’s current roof. Take the opportunity to reflect on your choice of roofing and, with any luck, your next shingles will transform your home’s look or energy efficiency. Your chosen color impacts your home in several ways:

  • Temperature Control:

  • Your roof absorbs a lot of sunlight, and the color of your shingles will affect how much light (and heat) it reflects. Light colors tend to reflect more sun, keeping your attic and the rest of your home cooler in the summer. Dark colors absorb more solar heat and are a good way to pad your heating costs on sunny, cold days. They’re also great at helping ice and snowmelt more quickly.
  • Contrast?

  • Some homeowners prefer a contrast between their roofing and the primary color of their home, while others tie their shingle color to match their trim or accent colors. It’s an aesthetic decision, but low-contrast color combinations tend to work best to hide your home’s shortcomings.
  • Coordination:

  • Regardless of your efficiency goals and esthetic, your roof will need to go with the color of your home. Black shingles often look best on blue, grey and white homes, while brown shingles look better on homes that are brown or tan. Need advice on what would look best on your home? Ask your estimator. He’s likely seen just about every color combination, so knows what you should avoid or seek out.

Take choosing your shingle color as seriously as you did your latest paint color. Take time to drive around your neighborhood and look at images online to get a full breadth of possibilities before you make your final decision.

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