common roof pitch

Common Roof Pitch

A roof's pitch is one of the most important considerations in roof design. Pitch isn’t just about aesthetics. It is important. But, roof pitch also affects how well water, ice, and snow drain. The pitch could also affect maintenance time and cost. ...

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roofing company in denver

Roofing Companies Denver

There are different roofing companies in Denver, Colorado, and B&M Roofing is one of the industry leaders. These roofing companies render different services, ranging from commercial to residential. So, irrespective of your roofing needs, a roofin...

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Snow Load Calculator | Colorado Snow Load Regulations | B&M Roofing

Snow Load Calculator

Every state in the United States has its snow load requirement, including Colorado.

The term “snow load calculator” refers to the weight of accumulated snow and ice on a roof. These requirements are based on the region’s recorded snowfall. W...

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Metal Roofing in Colorado | B&M Roofing

Metal Roofing in Colorado

At B&M Roofing, we offer a variety of metal roofing in Colorado services that are reliable and top quality. Metal roofs can feel like a pricey investment. Still, they're durable and withstand several environmental factors—a huge bonus for homeo...

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tar material

Tar and Gravel Roof Repair

Our tastes vary with almost everything, and what works for one person might work for the next, especially concerning comfort and style. The roofing system of your home or office should exude comfort and style, and this would only be possible if there...

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