best solar shingles

Best Solar Shingles

Homeowners are investing in new technology. Pioneered by tech giants such as GAF, Dow, and Tesla, solar shingles are paving the way for a new standard of living. Similar to solar panels, they work to convert sunlight into sustainable energy. However,...

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new roof with new home

How to Negotiate a New Roof When Buying a Home

So you're about to buy a new home – CONGRATULATIONS! It can sometimes be a stressful process going through everything before the house is your home. One of the most overlooked things is perhaps getting a roof inspection before you purchase the hous...

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Roof Leak Damage

Is a Leaking Roof an Emergency?

Unfortunately, many home and business owners at one point find themselves asking: is a leaking roof an emergency?
Here’s the short answer: No matter how big or small a leaking roof might seem – it’s an emergency.
If you would like to get in c...

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what does freeze thaw mean

What Does Freeze Thaw Mean?

In our beloved state of Colorado is known to experience turbulent weather conditions. From facing heavy snow, ice, and low temperatures, it’s no surprise that the weather changes can cause havoc in areas of our lives.

The effects of such weather...

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snow damage on roofs

Snow Damage to Roofs

We’re no strangers to snow here in Colorado. Unlike most other places, we can get a thick blanket of the cold stuff every month of the year — not that we let it get in our way! However, when the winter months roll around, the snow can get particu...

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