A victorian style house painted blue and red with a green yard and black steel fencing

How Do I Prepare For My New Roof?

Replacing a roof on any home is a large job, which is why we dedicate entire teams to it. We understand that you want life around your home to be back to normal as quickly as possible. While it should only take a few days to complete your project, depending upon its size and the weather, you’ll want to prepare your home for the job.

Secure Loose Items

Our teams will be on your roof, hammering, moving piles of materials and generally working quickly. This is likely to cause vibrations in your home. The extent of these disturbances varies by how your home is constructed, and they are often barely noticeable. However, preserve breakables such as hung pictures, mirrors and fragile items on shelves by removing them to a place where vibrations won’t knock them over.

Clear Your Driveway

Typically, our teams park their vehicle in your driveway during the project. That gives us the fastest and most effective place to load shingles and if you need old roofing removed, to collect discarded materials. Having a driveway free of cars and other clutter helps us get your project done quickly.

Prepare Your Yard

Our teams take great care to prevent any damage to landscaping or other property during our roofing projects. Items such as nails and old roofing inevitably fall during construction. Remove any items such as barbecues, boats, patio furniture and statuary that may be damaged by falling material.

Mind Children and Pets

Your home will be an active construction site as our teams work to put your new roof on. It’s no place for children or pets to be around. Protect your loved ones by keeping them inside during the project.

If you’re ready to get started on your roofing project, contact the experts at B&M Roofing!