RoofSave, A Roof Asset Management Program

While your roof protects the major investments inside your building, RoofSave is the premier roof asset management program. This is an organized and cost-effective approach to maximizing the return on your roofing investment.

Key Features of RoofSave:

  • Thorough roof inspection (Roof plan, digital photographs, roof system characterization, documentation).
  • Identification of conditions that warrant repair/rejuvenation to bring the roofing assembly into a maintainable condition. This includes a written report with specific details listed, repair methodologies to be utilized, and accompanying costs.
  • Bi-annual (Spring & Fall season) scheduled roof check-up inspections. Written report with accompanying photographs and our ™ RoofSave® Comprehensive 68 item (2 Page) inspection checklist / Report.
  • Many properties qualify for the RoofSave® “ANNUAL FIXED COST” program where we guarantee service to repair your roofing system for a full year on a monthly fixed fee basis regardless of how many problems your roof encounters.

Other Optional comprehensive services available:

  • Life Cycle Costing
  • Energy Calculations / Insulation characterization (R-Value, Type, Condition, etc.)
  • Moisture Scanning / Detection (Nuclear & Infra-red methods available)
  • “Priority Account” service response times.
  • Roofing System rejuvenation approaches.

Advantages of RoofSave:

  • Prevents premature failures of roofing assemblies and associated components.
  • Early detection of problems and planned /scheduled repairs reduce:
    • Costly crisis/emergency repairs.
    • Possible product damage resulting from leaks.
    • Building interior damage, occupancy downtime, and potential safety considerations.
  • Repairs, roof restoration, and roof asset management & maintenance are significantly less expensive & less disruptive than re-roofing.
  • Extends the natural aging process that each roof system goes through by addressing areas, details, and conditions that wear out first…It’s very similar to the advantages of a regular service program for your vehicle. Take care of it now & you won’t have to throw it away tomorrow.

Our commercial roofing services are always available for repair and contracting.