Why Use a Professional Roof Inspector?

Warped ShinglesWhen it comes to protecting your investment in your home, your roof is the single most important part of your house. Like most homeowners, you may have concerns about your roof following a storm or just as part of maintenance. While you can assess major damage on your own, a professional roof inspector provides insight and expertise that most homeowners can’t muster.

Following a major storm, start with a quick survey of your roof’s health from the ground. Use binoculars if you have them, and look for the obvious signs of distress: missing shingles, ripped shingles, major damage cased by falling branches. If you spot nothing, but still have concerns, it’s time to call a professional inspector. You’ll benefit from his professional insight:

  • Surface assessment: Hail damage may be hard to spot, and experts know how to evaluate the remaining lifespan of shingles, grain levels and locate hail-strike damage.
  • Ventilation: Keeping air moving through your attic is important, and experts can quickly assess if vents are working to the capacity your home requires.
  • Insurance Claims: If your roof is damaged, you’ll need a professional to itemize and properly describe the damage.
  • Structural survey: It’s even more difficult to see the damage under shingles than spot superficial damage. If your roof is losing structural integrity, it can lead to larger problems down the line. Identifying these issues and addressing them is critical.
  • Safety First: If you’re not comfortable climbing ladders and walking on a sloped roof, don’t risk your health self-inspecting.

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