The Average Cost of a Roof

“What’s the average cost of a roof?”

It’s a question our estimators and customer service representatives receive on a nearly daily basis, and it’s understandable why: As with any major purchase, nobody wants to feel as if they overpaid, and many homeowners’ unfamiliarity with roofing can make price-conscious shoppers even more anxious.

GuttersonHomepage1While it’d be great if we could give customers an easy, blanket answer to that question, there are simply too many variables to arrive at a figure, even a ballpark one. Rather than trying to zone in on an imaginary number that may not have any bearing upon your roofing project, it’s more important to understand the factors that influence a roof’s cost, and understand why there’s no average cost of a roof.

  • Size
  • Bigger roofs cost more to replace. It’s a pretty simple concept that everyone can understand. More materials and more labor lead to a larger price tag.
  • Number of Layers
  • A roof can only safely support the weight of so many layers of shingles, and local building codes often limit the number of layers of roofing that may remain on a building. Depending on your area’s building codes and how many times you’ve replaced your roof, you may need to remove shingles, which will increase labor costs.
  • Material
  • Once the oldmaterials are pulled from your roof, your choice of roofing material is another major factor that influences the project’s cost. Asphalt singles, cedar shake, tiles or metal roofing all have different price points, as well as esthetic and structural advantages. Read more about the differences in roofing materials from B&M Roofing.
  • Structural Considerations
  • The individual needs of your roof may also impact the final price of a replacement. Unusual pitches and architectural features that require flashing, such as chimneys and skylights, also impact the cost of a new roof.

B&M Roofing’s estimators aren’t just experts in crunching the numbers on roofing costs. We’re experts on explaining our estimates to you, including the considerations that went into pricing it. When you’re ready for us to pay you a visit, call us at 303.443.5843 or visit our Request a Free Estimate page.