Roof Asset Management: RoofSave

Roofing is a critical asset for any homeowner or commercial space owner/manager. You may frequently hear that roofing services come at a premium price, and therefore it’s in a property owner’s best interest to inspect and repair regularly. In fact, regular maintenance is something the roofing industry often preaches but seldom follows. Having a roofing asset management program, like B&M Roofing’s RoofSave, is an ideal feature for new commercial roofs. This premiere roofing asset management program serves as a cost-effective approach to maximizing the return on a Colorado roofing investment.

Learn more about our signature Colorado RoofSave service and how you can benefit from this program.

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Roofing Asset Management is Important

Most Colorado roofing contractors will let you know that regular maintenance will be required in order to achieve an optimum lifespan for new roofing. However, realistically, many property owners’ do not follow up and will often wait for problems to arise before they’ll contact a roofing contractor for assistance. However, cuts in short-term spending can lead to long-term costly repairs.

Roofing asset management is important. Rather than wait for leaks to occur, which can cascade into a variety of additional issues, such as:

  • mold and mildew growth
  • inconvenient and extensive repairing
  • damage to interior spaces and assets
  • impacted home features (insulation, drywall, etc.)
  • additional energy costs

it’s usually advisable to seek routine care that is cost-effective and efficient. With a quality roofing asset management programs, commercial space managers can stay ahead of costly repairs and continue to check-in on their pricey investment. Experience Colorado roofers will be able to identify issues that are accumulating and recommend appropriate action for an extremely proactive approach.

B&M Roofing: RoofSave Asset Management

B&M Roofing in Colorado offers a wide range of services for residential and commercial roofing. We understand the high costs associated with roofing repairs and replacements, which is why we seek to stay active in helping our clients make the most out of their investments. Our signature RoofSave Roofing Asset Management program is designed to protect and ensure longevity for our quality craftsmanship on each roof.

For commercial building spaces, this is especially important. Commercial building spaces are significantly more valuable and can pose high-risk for emergency repairs. For instance, if a roof is in need of immediate repair it can cause business to come to a complete stop, plus create major impact long-term as commercial roof projects are often time-consuming.

Our specialty services for RoofSave include a variety of features. Consider the follow assets to be essential for your new Colorado roofing system.

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Key Features of RoofSave:

As with most roofing asset management programs, RoofSave adopts a variety of critical steps to address frequent problems. In general, roof asset management programs should address key factors in a roofing system and outside environmental factors as well. These can include things like:

  • Type of roof installed and needs for those materials
  • Insight into climate/seasons and how they impact certain roofing systems
  • Taking a look at problems that frequently occur in commercial roofs

These are the key features of B&M Roofing’s RoofSave:

  • Thorough roof inspection (Roof plan, digital photographs, roof system characterization, documentation).
  • Identification of conditions that warrant repair/rejuvenation to bring the roofing assembly into a maintainable condition. This includes a written report with specific details listed, repair methodologies to be utilized, and accompanying costs.
  • Bi-annual (Spring & Fall season) scheduled roof check-up inspections. Written report with accompanying photographs and our ™ RoofSave® Comprehensive 68 item (2 Page) inspection checklist / Report.
  • Many properties qualify for the RoofSave® “ANNUAL FIXED COST” program where we guarantee service to repair your roofing system for a full year on a monthly fixed fee basis regardless of how many problems your roof encounters.

Other Optional comprehensive services available:

  • Life Cycle Costing
  • Energy Calculations / Insulation characterization (R-Value, Type, Condition, etc.)
  • Moisture Scanning / Detection (Nuclear & Infra-red methods available)
  • “Priority Account” service response times.
  • Roofing System rejuvenation approaches.

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Advantages of RoofSave

Most experienced and dedicated roofing professionals will have a good idea of how to approach roof asset management. They will look at factors such as the age of the roof, ongoing needs, typical issues that arise, and more. With this information, they can more readily adopt a system, such as RoofSave, to ensure that a commercial roof brings value to commercial space owners. Experienced roofers should also document or keep a record of the needs for each roof they provide these services.

There are some clear advantages to roof asset management programs. For one, it addresses weak point for ongoing and required roofing maintenance. In addition, our specific RoofSave options are equipped with these advantages:

  • Prevents premature failures of roofing assemblies and associated components.
  • Early detection of problems and planned /scheduled repairs reduce:
    • Costly crisis/emergency repairs.
    • Possible product damage resulting from leaks.
    • Building interior damage, occupancy downtime, and potential safety considerations.
  • Repairs, roof restoration, and roof asset management & maintenance are significantly less expensive & less disruptive than re-roofing.
  • Extends the natural aging process that each roof system goes through by addressing areas, details, and conditions that wear out first…It’s very similar to the advantages of a regular service program for your vehicle. Take care of it now & you won’t have to throw it away tomorrow.

Our commercial roofing services are always available for repair and contracting. For more information on our roof asset management program, contact us directly at 303-443-5843.