what does freeze thaw mean

What Does Freeze Thaw Mean?

In our beloved state of Colorado is known to experience turbulent weather conditions. From facing heavy snow, ice, and low temperatures, it’s no surprise that the weather changes can cause havoc in areas of our lives.

The effects of such weather...

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snow damage on roofs

Snow Damage to Roofs

We’re no strangers to snow here in Colorado. Unlike most other places, we can get a thick blanket of the cold stuff every month of the year — not that we let it get in our way! However, when the winter months roll around, the snow can get particu...

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Signs of Wind Damage to Roof

Signs Of Wind Damage To Roof

If you’re a homeowner or owner of a commercial building, you probably realize that your roof is one of the most valuable aspects of your property, and maintaining it is critical. You’re also aware that if your roof becomes damaged, it can be urge...

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What Temperature is Too Cold to Put On A Roof

What Temperature is Too Cold to Put On a Roof?

There’s nothing worse than a roofing emergency in the dead of winter — the cold is getting into your property, the snows are on the way (or already here), and roofing contractors are hesitant to come and help you out… but what temperature is to...

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installing christmas lights with gutter guards

How to Hang Lights on Gutters With Guards

It’s easy to see why opting for a quality set of gutter guards can be highly beneficial for your home.

If you were to leave your gutters without guards, leaves and debris can start to build up in your gutters. This matter will decay over time, a...

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