man climbing a red ladder to look at the top of a roof

Spring Roofing

Spring is in the air and that means … making sure your roof made it through the winter without damage.

The winter and harsh weather of Colorado can really wear down your roof, whether it's a typical asphalt shingles roof, metal roof, or any othe...

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folded plate roofs

Folded Plate Roof

Most commonly found on commercial and industrial buildings as well as mid-century modern homes, a folded plate roof is quite beneficial and useful.

Here's all you need to know:

What is a Folded Plate Roof?

Folded plate roofs can be...

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bad roofing job

Signs of a Bad Roofing Job

Usually, the decision to replace a roof is prompted by wearing, damaged, or missing shingles. A new roof or reroofing is necessary to prevent leaks. Leaks can result in the build-up of mold in the building. Water leaking into the interior can also ro...

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things to consider when replacing a roof

Things to Consider When Replacing a Roof

Replacing a roof on any home is a large job, which is why we dedicate entire teams to it. We understand that you want life around your home to be back to normal as quickly as possible. While it should only take a few days to complete your project, de...

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roof overlay vs tear off

Roof Overlay vs Tear Off

There are many good reasons to replace your worn-out roof. You provide better protection from the weather. Failure to replace a damaged or aging roof can result in moisture buildup. Molds, mildew, bacteria, and standing water may cause health hazards...

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