Man with blue ladder on roof.

Questions to Ask a Roofing Contractor

Most people only purchase a new roof a few times in their lives, so it’s normal to feel uncomfortable with the process. However,  knowing how to choose a roofer can help ensure a successful investment for your residential roof repair or replacemen...

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flat roof repairs

Flat Roof Maintenance

No matter the type of roof, it requires routine maintenance and checkups to make sure that the roof is doing what it needs to and isn't compromised. With flat roofs, this is no different. However, flat roof maintenance looks a bit different than that...

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common roof pitch

Most Common Roof Pitch

A roof's pitch is one of the most important considerations in roof design. Pitch isn’t just about aesthetics. It is important. But, roof pitch also affects how well water, ice, and snow drain. Pitch could also affect maintenance time and cost. Pitc...

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hail damage repair colorado

What Does Hail Damage Look Like On a Roof?

More than just your cars are vulnerable during a hail storm. We all know that hailstorms can be destructive, but the amount of damage can vary. Are you aware of how to identify hail damage on your roof? What does hail damage look like o...

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faded metal roof

Metal Roof Fading

If you have a metal roof or are considering getting one, you should be prepared for it to fade and chalk over time. However, this is just one thing to be aware of when deciding whether to use a metal roof or not. This article will take you through so...

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