How to Paint Your Home's Exterior | B&M Roofing

How to Paint Your Home’s Exterior

 Not only does repainting the outside of your home transform the look, but it also protects your investment. Paint is a shield from sun, wind, and rain until the paint starts to crack and peel. 

Give your home a fresh, updated look by following ...

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Roof Replacement: What to Expect | B&M Roofing

Roof Replacement: What to Expect

When it comes to your roof, you want to be sure it's in good condition. After all, a leaky or damaged roof can lead to severe problems. However, when it comes time for a roof replacement, you might wonder what to expect. Here are some answers on roof...

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how long to replace your roof

How Long Does It Take To Replace A Roof?

As you sit; watching the pouring rain through your living room window and enjoy the bountiful protection your household provides your family and yourself from Mother Nature’s fury, you are overwhelmed with gratitude for the comfort that having a ro...

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When Is The Best Time To Replace Your Roof | B&M Roofing Colorado

When Is The Best Time To Replace Your Roof?

Colorado's crazy seasons can take a toll on your roof's lifespan, so knowing when is the best time to replace your roof can be tricky.
However, the fall weather in Colorado is typically pretty mild, even though temperatures get a bit cooler. Leaves ...

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looking to see if you need a new roof

How To Tell If You Need A New Roof

A new roof is about more than just fixing the existing roofing system on your house. If you’ve never had a roofing system installed before, or if it's been a while since your last roof was constructed, it can be difficult to know whether, or when, ...

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