shingles roofing system

Creased Shingles

In the state of Colorado, intense wind and heavy snow is a very common occurrence. Many Coloradans are equipped to handle drastic weather changes, but homes and businesses can sustain damage during hail, rain, or snow storms. These drastic weather pa...

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energy efficient roofing materials

Most Energy Efficient Roof

It's not a surprise to hear that a roof may be the most important aspect of any structure, whether commercial or residential. Even if it wasn't evident by the steep price tag—which is a significant investment by any standard—a functional roof is ...

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colorado rain & roofing

Roofing in the Rain

Mother nature can be unpredictable. Even with advancements in weather tracking and our daily consumption of weather forecasts, there's no guarantee a rainstorm won't strike. As a professional roofer, roofing in the rain is not an ideal setting. Reput...

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roofing inspection frequency

How Often Should I Have My Roof Inspected

Every roof is a little bit different. Because of that, it isn’t always easy to say when, exactly, a specific roof should be expected. That’s why there are specific guidelines and recommendations that have been developed, over the years, regarding...

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preventing woodpecker on a roof

Woodpecker on a Roof

A woodpecker on a roof can pose a serious issue for homeowners. If you've ever been awoken to the incessant pecking of a woodpecker, note that is a process to deter them. These birds are known for their many benefits. On one hand, they're extremely f...

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