roof hail damage colorado

Do I Need to Replace the Roof after Hail?

Hail storms, unfortunately, have become all too frequent in the Colorado region. In fact, Colorado has seen some of the most costly damages resulting directly from extreme hail storms. In August 2019, Colorado had the second-highest number of hail cl...

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White home with black a black roof that has snow showing on it

Winter Roof Repair Tips

Have you been seeing large water stains on your attic ceiling this month? How about some dripping from the ceiling and a slight draft? If so, you may have a leak in your roof, but don’t panic. As we enter into the full swing of winter, your roof ma...

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A victorian style house painted blue and red with a green yard and black steel fencing

How Do I Prepare For My New Roof?

Replacing a roof on any home is a large job, which is why we dedicate entire teams to it. We understand that you want life around your home to be back to normal as quickly as possible. While it should only take a few days to complete your project, de...

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Wind damage on brown roofing shingles

Roofs and Wind Damage

Obvious weather elements that cause destructions, rain or hail, are just the start of a homeowner's roofing concern. Widely ignored is wind damage from these same storms. Strong, violent winds create stress points on a roof that eventually become com...

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a gutter on a white house filled with dead leaves

Cleaning Leaves from Rain Gutters Safely

Cleaning leaves from rain gutters is the single most important task you can undertake to preserve your roof. Inspections and clearing of gutters should happen each spring and autumn which can be costly and inefficient for a time-sensiti...

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