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At B&M Roofing we take great pride in providing honest and reliable services as a premier Colorado commercial roofing contractor. With our dedicated and ongoing support, plus knowledgeable professionals, our clients know that their commercial roofing needs are always our first priority.

We provide the following services for Colorado commercial roofs:

  • Commercial Roofing Repair and Replacement
  • Commercial Roofing Maintenance
  • Commercial Walls and Siding
  • New Roof Construction
  • Roof Inspections

Colorado commercial roofing contractors

When you’re a business owner, it’s important that you ensure your commercial building is well maintained and properly functioning. Colorado is known for its fluctuations in weather. Drastic snow and ice conditions, plus summertime hail storms can do a number on your storefront business. In particular, commercial flat roofs can be prone to extreme damage during snow and ice storms. In fact, snow can cause damage such as:

  • Ponding/Bowing – as snow accumulates, pressure and weight can greatly impact the durability of a commercial roof. This added weight can cause bowing and result in ponding. These two issues can negatively impact your commercial HVAC and electrical systems.
  • Freeze-Thaw – this can be incredibly damaging to Colorado commercial roofs. When water gathers on a roof, it doesn’t always evaporate quickly. In the event of a freeze, the water seeps into cracks and crevices and then expands as it solidifies into ice. This drastically affects the integrity of commercial roofing materials.
  • Leaks – another possible scenario after bowing and ponding occur is leakage. Water may find its way through the exterior of a commercial roof and begin building up within the interior areas. Leaking is extremely damaging and can be expensive if a new Colorado commercial roof is required.

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Colorado Commercial Roofing Repair

Regular maintenance is a necessity for any commercial roof in Colorado. Fortunately, B&M Roofing offers a wide variety of services including effective maintenance and repairs. If you believe your business or commercial roof is in need of repair, please contact our Colorado roofing company for a free assessment. There are a few vital signs to be aware of when you’re addressing commercial roofing repair, including:

  • Bowing or buckling of walls or beams
  • Extreme icicle formation along the edges of the roof
  • Evidence of leaks
  • Cracks in the ceiling
  • Displaced tiles
  • Noticeable chips, tears, or puddles gathering

Since 1947, B&M Roofing has been providing the best commercial roofing and maintenance systems. We bring superior knowledge and experiences in metal roofing, shingles, tile, low slope roofing, asphalt and much more. It’s difficult to run a business when you’re worried about a leaky or damaged roof. Our expert Colorado commercial roofing contractors provide professional and reliable roofing services you can count on. We understand what it takes to make each Colorado commercial roofing job as seamless as possible. Working closely with building owners and managers has proven to be a key factor for completing work smoothly, which limits the amount of disruption caused to your business and operating hours.

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Commercial Roof Replacement in Colorado

If you’re a Colorado business or commercial property owner, you can’t let a damaged or leaking roof slow you down. It doesn’t matter whether you own office space or a small, retail storefront; those repairs need to be fixed quickly. A poorly maintained roof can have a serious impact on your local Colorado business. Keep your customers happy and your energy bills low by ensuring that your commercial property roof is regularly inspected and maintained. We provide commercial roof replacement for all types of commercial properties, different types of roofs, as well as energy-efficient roofing upgrades.

Contact us for a full scope of our options in terms of materials, installation process, safety concerns, and much more. We can provide an estimate based on your requirements and type of roof. Generally, commercial roof replacements peak in later Summer and early Fall. During this time of year, hail storms can be less frequent and overall weather patterns are a little more predictable. Keeping a Colorado commercial roof dry is our top priority during our roof replacement process. Considering this is a more busy time of year, be sure to request a commercial roof replacement as soon as possible.

Looking for a Reliable Commercial Roofing Contractor?

We also do design-build projects and offer pre-construction services for building owners or general contractors. An expertly constructed roof is a necessary part of any building, so trust every commercial roofing need to the Denver, Boulder and Fort Collins’ experts at B&M Roofing Colorado.

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