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Commitment to quality has been B & M Roofing’s standard since 1947. As a dedicated Colorado roofing company, we offer expert services and care for commercial and residential projects across Colorado and nearby states. Whether you are looking for a new roof for your home or your office, or if you’re needing Denver roof repair, we come equipped with extensive knowledge and comprehensive industry experience.

B&M Roofing depends on our extensive knowledge, training, and experience to tailor project specific and individualized solutions to any building envelope problem. We are proud of our company’s history and look forward to the future! We continue to put our customers’ needs at the forefront of every project we complete and take time to appreciate our local community and home. Please take your time exploring our services, portfolios, business partners and specialty products. Do not hesitate to give us a call to discuss your roofing needs! We’re a trusted Colorado roofing company that can offer assistance in evaluating and deciding what services are right for your needs.

Denver Roof Repair

Wear and tear can be the downside to home maintenance in Colorado. Still, it’s critical to keep up with your home’s health. Colorado roofing repairs are a way to preserve the lifespan of your roof and continue protecting it against Colorado’s drastic weather changes. B&M Roofing offers an initial free estimate and can assess if a roof repair is sufficient versus an entire roof replacement, which can be much more involved and costly. Stop damage from cracks, holes, curling shingles, bare shingles, water damage, etc. If caught early enough, a Colorado roofing company expert may determine that a roof repair is needed.


Colorado Roofers

In addition to our many years of experience and trust services, we offer our own specialty products to help home and business owners across the state and nearby areas. Take advantage of our RoofSave option, which is a comprehensive assessment management program that offers a cost-effective approach to roofing services in Colorado. Make a return on your investment whether you’re in need of roof repairs or a new roof installation, RoofSave can give you a better idea of current conditions for your commercial or residential roof.

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