Emergency Roof Repair

Colorado Commercial & Residential Roofing Services

Colorado emergency roof repair services from B & M Roofing provide homeowners and commercial property managers a fast, reliable solution for leaks, hail, and wind damage. We understand you can’t put off repairing storm damage or an unexpected leak until it fits in with a roofing company’s schedule, and work to fix your roof before leaks cause any additional damage to the structure.

Offering 24/7 support for residential and commercial properties in Colorado for emergency services and roof repairs. 


emergency roof repair services

Repair Services in Denver, Fort Collins, Boulder, and More

Waking up to leaks and unexpected damages can be overwhelming. If it disrupts home life or business, it can be extremely problematic. Our expert roofers in Colorado offer immediate support for both residential and commercial businesses so you can return to your day as normal. We’ve been providing quality inspections, repairs, and updates for roofs across Colorado and would be happy to service you in a time of immediate need.

We offer a free inspection along with a quote to give you the most updated information on what your commercial roof leak or roof repair will require. We can walk you through our process and provide an estimate on time for completion so you can make arrangements for the repairs that are needed. In addition, we can help with ongoing maintenance that is important in extending the roof life for any building or home.

Call (303) 443-5843 for around-the-clock roof support.

Colorado Emergency Roof Repairs

Our emergency response estimators and teams are trained to provide quick, affordable service when you can’t wait. Our services include:

  • Leak identification
  • Roof damage analysis
  • Emergency repairs
  • Ongoing maintenance information
  • Roof Replacement

Common issues with roof-associated damages often need experienced contractors to evaluate and fix. Leaky roofs can indicate the start of larger issues and it’s important to address the concerns immediately. Often, it can make the difference between a simple repair and a full roof replacement. Qualified experts at B & M Roofing are backed by years of experience and can quickly assess damages to provide a comprehensive report on what may be needed now and in the future.

residential emergency roof repair


Ongoing Maintenance and Roof Repair Checks

Roofing is one of the most important aspects of any business or residence. In Colorado, given the frequent change in weather patterns and ongoing hail storms, roofs are especially susceptible to damages. We often recommend that homeowners and business property managers have their roofs inspected periodically to ensure no emergencies are needed in the near future.

Typically, Springtime is the best time to start in on home and business inspections and maintenance.

Want to learn more about when to seek a commercial roof inspection? Go here.

Leaky roof? Broken Shingles? Help is on the way!

When you have a roofing emergency, every second counts. No matter how serious the damage is, you can rely on Colorado Roofing Company to respond to your call ASAP and resolve your roofing problem quickly.

Trusted throughout Colorado and surrounding states, our B & M Roofing team has the experience to handle any type of commercial or residential roof repair — from small leaks to extensive storm damage and catastrophic roof failure.

We offer high-quality, seamless, and permanent repairs and will do our best to protect your roof from a full replacement.

commercial emergency roof repair

Where We Work

Experiencing severe storm damage? Don’t wait! Often, homeowners will wait after a storm passes to contact qualified experts. Our 24/7 support line is here to assist immediately with emergency roof repair. Calling sooner means less of a wait and more chance of repairing before extensive damage is done. We offer work throughout Colorado including:

  • Denver
  • Colorado Springs
  • Fort Collins
  • Boulder
  • Greeley
  • Rocky Mountain areas
  • Surrounding states including Wyoming, Utah, Kansas, Nebraska

Call us today at 303.443.5843 to schedule a visit from our emergency repair team or visit our Leak Repair Request Page to submit your information to have one of our team members contact you.