Avoid Storm-Chasing Roofers

Storm season is almost upon us. Sure as Colorado summers whip up storms, it also whips up unscrupulous contractors chasing after quick repairs. As easy as it may seem to get your repair rolling, these storm chasers may often be a poor decision for homeowners facing expensive repairs.

pexels-photo-167755Learn from the news: a Jefferson County roofer was recently arrested for allegedly taking money for roof repairs he never completed. Or take the advice of the Colorado Roofing association, which urges homeowners to avoid storm chasers.

Don’t let a door-to-door salesman make you feel pressured into signing a contract, and never pay large amounts up front in advance for payments. Legitimate contractors such as B&M Roofing and other members of the CRA have lines of credit specifically set up to fund projects, and only bill after completion.

If you think you may need repairs to your roof, we provide free, no-obligation estimates. It’s important to B&M Roofing that you feel comfortable with your roofing company and your repair.