average cost of roof replacement

How Much Does the Average Roof Replacement Cost?

Roof replacements don’t happen too often, but when they do, it’s usually because the older roof is old or compromised. So, it’s not typically top-of-mind when it comes to budgeting home improvement costs. How much does the average roof replacement cost? We’ll break it down for you.

how much does the average roof replacement cost

How Much Does the Average Roof Replacement Cost?

Want a quick answer? You’ll want to budget between $4,200 and $6,600 for replacement on a roof that is 1,600 square feet. This estimate assumes materials like asphalt roof shingles. If you use materials like metal, wood shingles, or clay tile, the cost could increase to between $9,500 and $16,000.

If you want a more accurate assessment of your roof, you could use a roofing replacement cost calculator app.

How are Roofing Estimates Determined?

When experienced roofing contractors arrive to provide a free estimate, they consider several factors. This is how they go about giving you an accurate cost analysis.

  • Roof Measurement

Roof measurements are taken digitally. Roofing contractors use technology like satellite imagery or drones. Their calculations include such factors as the slope, roofline peaks, and the overall complexity of your roof.

  • Roof Inspection

In a thorough roof inspection, roofing contractors assess the condition of your roof. This helps them determine the scope of the project.

  • Roofing Materials

Experienced roofing contractors will explain the advantages of various materials and make recommendations concerning the best roofing system materials for your home or business. They will factor in such things as shingles, ventilation, roof accessories, and warranty.

  • Calculating Costs

Once the roofing contractor has obtained this information, the company is prepared to provide an accurate estimate to the question: How Much Does the Average Roof Replacement Cost?

The roof replacement specialists will factor in: labor, materials, warranty, and permits, the cost of removing old materials, and cleaning up.

average roof replacement cost

Key Factors in Roof Replacement Quote

Many variables factor into the answer to the question: How Much Does the Average Roof Replacement Cost?

Roof Size

Roofing specialists calculate the cost of roof replacement on a square footage basis. The roof area is one of the most significant factors when considering: How Much Does the Average Roof Replacement Cost?

A U.S. Census figure notes that the average house roof in the United States is approximately 1,700 square feet.

Roofing Materials

The second most important factor to consider in the cost of roof replacement is the materials. Asphalt shingles are both popular and economical. Metal roofs, wood, slate, clay, or solar tiles cost more. However, these materials often have other benefits. They may provide better curb appeal, extra insulation, or solar power for your home.

Roofing materials range in price from $100 per square foot to $1,000 per square foot. Experienced roofing contractors will help you decide on the best roofing materials for your budget.

Roof Complexity

Steeper roofs require more staging and safety precautions. They usually take longer to install. Thus, labor costs will be higher.

The pitch is not the only consideration. Roofing contractors also factor in chimneys, skylights, and ventilation pipes. It takes extra time to work around these complexities.

The complexity of the roof design must also include various changes in the roofline. These can result in both extra labor and materials.


The cost of roof replacement depends on where you live. Fluctuations in cost may reflect the cost of living differences in regions. Material and labor costs vary based on climate and other factors.

For example, the average roof replacement cost in Denver is slightly above average. A survey of roofing contractors in various parts of America revealed that prices range from $4,500 to $10,000 to replace a roof.

roof replacement cost

Why Replace Your Roof?

A new roof is a big expenditure. However, there are many reasons it makes sense to replace it.

Roofs in good repair withstand weather to protect your building. Their average lifespan is twenty years. By replacing your roof, you guard against things like loose shingles and moisture leaking into your home, mold, and mildew that can affect the health of your home and its residents.

Failing to replace a roof can have several negative impacts:

  • Water leaks occur when your roof loses its protective barriers. If worn, cracked, missing shingles are not replaced, the problem may escalate, causing structural damage to your home.
  • Roof leaks can affect walls causing them to deteriorate and collapse. Roofs that are not replaced weaken and fail to support the weight of water, ice, or snow.   Ceilings and walls may collapse. The result is major structural repairs to your home.
  • Old leaking roofs breed molds and mildew. Breathing these dangerous spores can lead to headaches and chronic breathing difficulties.
  • Damaged roofs are also invitations to vermin, pests, and animals. These visitors can chew insulation and wiring. Rodent infestation can also cause disease and house destruction.

A well-maintained roof also helps the heating/cooling system work effectively. This can result in a huge reduction in energy costs. An unattended roof repair will increase electricity bills. Holes that cause leaks let out cold air during the summer heat and let in cold air during the winter.

Roofing Replacement Return on Investment

The exterior of your house is the first thing prospective buyers see. A new roof can increase home value by as much as 30%.

While a new roof can be expensive, it might be a good investment when you consider the negative impact your current roof could have on your sale. Your new roof will result in faster offers, more offers, and higher offers when you sell your home.

Why Choose B&M Roofing?

Roofing replacement projects can be quite a financial undertaking. That’s why it is important to hire a roofing specialist with proven experience. The experts at B&M Roofing of Colorado are equipped to help you with any project you throw at them! To get a free estimate on your project, contact us by filling out this form, or by calling 303.443.5843.