Ladder Safety Tips

We spend a lot of time trying to urge homeowners to take the time necessary to inspect their roofs and clean their gutters and protect their home. With all our urging to climb on your roof and our ongoing commitment to safety, we felt it wouldn’t hurt to run down the finer points of ladder safety.

Ladder Safety Tips

Inspect Your Ladder: Most ladders are pretty low-tech tools, but they’re still prone to deterioration. Inspect your ladder before your ascent, making sure that there are no missing parts, loose connections or other defects.

Grounding Is Key: Only place your ladder on a firm, reliable surface, both for the base as well as the support points where the ladder rests on your gutters

Know Your Rating: Every ladder has a load rating. Ensure that your weight as well as the weight of any tools and materials you carry, doesn’t exceed your ladder’s rating.

Go Solo: Unless your ladder is specifically designed to be used by two climbers simultaneously, allow only one person on the ladder at a time.

Three Points of Contact: When climbing or descending a ladder, always be in contact with the ladder at three points: One hand and two feet, or two feet and one hand.

Know Your Center of Gravity: Always keep your stomach between the ladder’s main rails to prevent it from tipping.

Secure Your Ladder: Secure the ladder where it meets the roof with a rope or a bungee cord. Place straps on rear half of the rails so as not to create a tripping hazard on the rung side.

If you don’t feel comfortable on your roof or on your ladder, or aren’t able to perform these ladder safety tips, call us to inspect your roof or help you locate maintenance services.