Dedication to Safety

B&M Roofing is proud to go above and beyond to ensure the safety of our crews and customers. Our number one goal is to keep our workplaces accident free. To us, safety is an integral part of providing quality, professional services. To help ensure a safe work environment, B&M Roofing has implemented the following programs:

Tool Box Talks – All B&M Roofing team members attend a weekly Tool Box Talk to discuss potential hazards, OSHA regulations and related safety tips.

Company Safety Meetings – Twice a year B&M Roofing brings the entire company together for a safety meeting. Training includes fall protection, personal protective equipment, ladder safety, material handling and other related topics.

Fall Protection Trainings – Falls are the leading cause of death on a construction site. B&M Roofing requires a yearly review for crewmembers to ensure all employees understand proper fall protection and prevention.

Vehicle Operations – Every vehicle operator is trained and certified with the most up to date information and requirements from OSHA and DOT.

Mentoring & Coaching – B&M Roofing has an ongoing mentoring and coaching program to maintain the integrity of the company.

New Hire Orientation – As new members join B&M Roofing, they are required to participate in a mandatory safety orientation and training class.

Health & Wellness – B&M Roofing believes that a healthy workplace contributes to a safe, efficient workplace. The company has partnered with Trotter Wellness to help create a program that encourages all management and crewmembers to lead healthy lifestyles. With the help of our partners, B&M Roofing has been able to provide priceless resources for nutrition, exercise, coaching and education.