Proud Member of the Colorado Roofing Association

Colorado Roofing AssociationEveryone – homeowners, business owners and roofing companies – win when the roofing industry holds itself to a higher standard. That’s why B&M Roofing of Colorado is a proud member of the Colorado Roofing Association.

The CRA works to provide customers with the most accurate and up-to-date information about roofing processes, material and operational standards as possible.

With spring storm season on the horizon, it’s important to start understanding the emergency roof repair system. Historically, many homeowners have received inferior service from storm-chasing handymen (read how to avoid storm-chasers from the B&M Roofing blog).These fly-by-night operations eroded the trust of homeowners and generated a lot of ill will toward the industry.

The CRA strives to establish roofing contractors as the same dependable and upstanding tradesmen that you can trust. By enforcing the CRA code of ethics on its members and fielding complaints against its member contractors, the CRA helps consumers make informed choices about their roofing.

The CRA boasts membership of more than 220 roofing contractors, consultants, engineers, manufacturers and distributors, and creates a network of organizations consumers can trust. Membership lists are open and searchable to the public, empowering all homeowners, businesses and general contractors to locate roofing contractors that operate under the CRA code of ethics.

More than a mere consumer education resource, the Colorado Roofing Association also leads the industry by providing educational events about roofing processes for beginners and experts, lunch and learn events, and advocating for robust safety procedures to protect the workers who are at the heart of this industry.

As a CRA member, B&M Roofing always encourages customers to seek extra information about any roofing project from a source that’s as unbiased as the CRA. We’re always available to answer your questions during estimated, in the middle of a construction or re-roofing project or after completion.