Clear Christmas lights on white wall

Tips for Hanging Holiday Lights

Hanging holiday lights is one of our favorite traditions around this time of year, but creating a light display can be time consuming and difficult. That’s why B&M Roofing has put together a list of the best tips and tricks to make your lights the best ones on the block! 

Plan in advance

Having a design plan in mind will save you tons of time when hanging your lights. Map out the basic pattern of your lights instead of just winging it. Try to plan a time during the day to hang your lights as a safety precaution. 

Check your electrical system 

Carefully inspect the outlets and plugs you’ll be using for your lights. Call an electrician if you notice any sparks or singeing. Do not use lights with any fraying or exposed wires. 

Take caution on the ladder 

When hanging your lights, ask someone to steady the ladder. Although it may seem like an easy task, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. 

Invest in LED bulbs 

LED bulbs are more expensive up front but they last 12 times as long as traditional bulbs, which will save you money in the long-run. 

Use the right products 

Use extension cords and lights that are specifically for outdoor use to avoid any malfunctions. Invest in some light clips to make hanging a breeze. Just check the light package to find the one that fits best.

Find secure hanging spots 

Do not use shingles or tiling to hang lights, they are not made to support a lot of weight. When hanging from wood surfaces, test the durability before trying to hang anything.

Use a timer 

Invest in an outdoor timer to save money and conserve energy. You can set your timer to turn your lights on at sundown and to turn off after you go to bed. 


Following these easy steps will give you the best light display on the block while keeping you safe in the process.