Warped Shingles: What Does That Mean for My Roof?

Let’s get the worst news out of the way first: If from the ground you can see warped shingles, it’s likely a sign that you’ll need a new roof. Often damage is only visible after climbing up and inspecting a roof.

Warped ShinglesAsphalt shingles are durable, but are prone to the elements, particularly after the granules on their surface start deteriorating and getting washed away in rainstorms. Once the protective layer is removed, shingles are exposed to ultraviolet light, which makes them brittle or otherwise fragile. Warped edges can be a sign that shingles have reached the end of their natural lifespan.

If your shingles aren’t shedding granules and are cupping – curling at both corners to be concave – it can be a signal that your attic isn’t properly vented. Rooftops soak up a lot of sun and heat, and transmit it to the home below it. A properly vented attic allows some of the heat to escape. Without venting, heat collects in your attic, and can expose the underside of shingles to extreme heat beyond their normal temperature tolerances, which can cause them to warp.

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