Why you should invest in solar shingles

Once unveiled as a costly roofing luxury, solar panels have become a more popular purchase for homeowners and businesses alike. With renewable energy technology growing in recent years, solar panels are leading the way.

If you’re thinking about purchasing a solar panel roof, consider these questions:

  1. Did you know solar shingles can reduce your power bills up to 30 percent? Depending on the size of your grid and average power usage, these panels can cut your utility bills in the long run.
  1. How much maintenance is required for this “green” technology? Solar panel systems contain no moving parts, which means little to no maintenance. Occasional cleaning and inspection of the panels will be needed.
  1. Solar panels rely on sunlight, so what happens if the weather turns gloomy? In Colorado, we’re lucky to have 300 days of sunshine each year to effectively powers solar powered systems. Even with the drastically changing seasons, these systems are designed with variable weather in mind. They utilize your current power grid as a backup on cloudy days or during the night if extra power is needed.
  1. What are the environmental advantages? Solar powered systems are renewable, clean and universal power sources, which prevents damage to the environment. By producing no pollution, a 2-kilowatt system is estimated to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 85,576 pounds over its lifetime.
  1. What will my HOA think? Equipment for these systems is kept out of sight, which is required by many Homeowner Associations. Correct installation of panels will also prevent an eyesore for neighbors.

If you are interested in a solar powered roof for your place, give us a call at 303-443-5943. We are more than happy to answer any questions and install custom-designed Down Powerhouse Solar Shingles.