Man putting up lining on rooftop

B&M Checklist for Winterizing Your Roof

Winter is right around the corner and the snow, ice, and wind that accompany it can wreak havoc on your roof. Taking some preventative measures now to protect your roof can save you a good chunk of change in the future. We’ve developed a checklist that you can follow to start winterizing your roof today. 

Look for damage 

It’s important to simply inspect your roof for warping, missing shingles, and debris before winter rolls in. Catching problems early on can save you time and money in the future. 

Clean and test your gutters and downspouts

Without the proper drainage system, your roof can collapse or suffer from extensive water damage. Make sure to inspect your gutters and downspouts thoroughly for holes and cracks and remove any debris. It’s also a good idea to run some water through the gutters to ensure they’re draining properly. 

Trim your tree branches

Falling tree limbs are a major threat to your roof during the winter. If you have any trees around your home, be sure to inspect for branches that are near or touching your roof. Trim these branches before winter sets in to save your roof from being damaged by falling limbs. 

Insulate & ventilate your attic 

Insulating and ventilating your attic is a key step to protecting your roof during the winter. As little as one to two inches of snow can create ice dams, which can damage the foundation of your roof. Install insulation on the plywood or drywall of your attic and make sure to seal any areas where heat can escape. Proper ventilation will also help prevent snow from refreezing and causing moisture damage. 

Inspect caulking & flashing 

Check for wrinkled and cracked caulking and replace if necessary. Secure any loose flashing and replace any that are damaged. Pay close attention to areas around the chimney, vents and other protruding additions to the roof. 

Clean your chimney

Because your chimney will be getting some extra use during the colder months, it’s important to inspect and clean your chimney annually. Regular cleanings can prevent fires and protect your roof from damage. 

Invest in snow guards

Installing snow guards this winter will protect your gutters, vents, cars, and family from roof avalanches. Snow guards catch heavy snow before it falls from your roof and allow it to melt before it falls to the ground. Investing in snow guards is inexpensive and will prevent damage to the areas on and below your roof. 

Be aware of pests 

Pests can cause a tremendous amount of damage to your roof. Keep an eye out for squirrels, birds, mice and other animals who may seek shelter on your roof during the colder months and get rid of them as soon as possible. 

Cover mechanical equipment 

Make sure that any mechanical equipment on your roof like plumbing vents or swamp coolers are completely covered to prevent water damage. 

While winterizing your roof may not be the most exciting part of the season, it can save you time and money in the future. By following this checklist and taking simple precautionary measures, you can protect your roof from the damages of wind, snow, and ice this winter.