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Commercial Roof Leak

Commercial roofs are designed to protect our businesses. However, as with most things, buildings require upkeep and regular maintenance to keep things in working order. Commercial roofs are no exception. The worst time to realize your business hasn’t had its regular checks is during a storm. Considering that Colorado hosts a variety of weather patterns including rain, hail, snow, wind, and even hot sun, a commercial roof leak will almost always be immediately apparent.

What you should know about a commercial roof leak is what causes them and how you can maintain and help prevent them. But if you ever find your business facing a leak issue, it’s best to have the experts at B&M Roofing Colorado take a look. Often, an experienced roofer can determine if a repair will suffice or if the more expensive alternative of a roof replacement will be required. Contact us for an estimate.

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What Causes a Commercial Roof Leak

There are common problems that can create roof leaks. Usually, a commercial roof leak isn’t immediate but rather gradual. Listed below are a number of reasons that a roof leak may be eminent for your building and could give a reason for business owners to consider regular check-ups. Always be aware that a roof repair is much less cost-effective than an entire roof replacement.

In the event that an emergency roof leak repair is needed, let us know immediately and we’d be happy to assist. What are some reasons that cause a commercial roof leak? Find out below.

  • Broken or missing shingles: Severe weather conditions such as high winds, ice, hail, and heavy rains can damage or remove commercial roofing shingles.
  • Flashings are thin strips of metal. Their purpose is to seal roof transitions under shingles. This creates a water-resistant barrier. However, flashing can slip out of place. The caulking may dry and crack due to aging, heat, cold, wind, ice, or heavy rains. This provides a potential area for roof leaks.
  • The age of your roof is also a factor. As roof ages, shingles deteriorate due to sun, wind, rain, ice, hail, and snow. The planned replacement of an aging roof is a good way to ensure leaks do not occur.
  • Gutters may become clogged if debris is not removed. Leaves, pine needles, twigs, branches, and other debris slow down or even impede the flow of rainwater. This causes water to pool on your roof. Leaking water often results.
  • Skylights may be attractive. They let in lots of natural light. However, they are cut into your roof. If not properly installed, they may leak from the outset. It is not unheard of for skylights to be damaged by snow, ice, hail, or high winds. Leaks can develop in the seal around the skylight due to aging and weathering caused by extreme heat and cold.
  • Chimneys are also cut into your roof. They are sealed at the roofline. If the seal is not tight, leaks may develop immediately. This seal can also break over time. Heat and cold are hard on seals. High winds may damage or even remove the chimney, causing an opening in the roof. Water can trickle through your chimney and seep into the smallest cracks. It may also pool at the base of the chimney causing leaks.
  • Plastic roof vents may crack with age and weathering. The gaskets around pipe vents can crack or develop gaps.
  • Soffit or fascia may deteriorate over time. This makes them at risk for water damage. Weather conditions may soften fascia, causing holes. Birds, squirrels, chipmunks and other small rodents find holes and make them larger burrowing into your property.
  • Poorly installed gutters can cause poor drainage. Water can pool, causing leaks.
  • Holes in the roof may be caused by high winds, ice, falling tree branches or items installed on the roof like satellite dishes.

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Why are Commercial Roof Leaks Dangerous?

Roof leaks devalue your property. They also cost your business a lot of financial damage beyond resale value. When water leaks into your building the insulation is compromised. Thus, heating and cooling costs rise. Skyrocketing energy bills are not uncommon when commercial roof leaks occur.

Damage to the ceilings and attic due to roof leaks affect the appearance of your building. In commercial property, your building’s appearance is important.

Roof leaks can also be a health hazard to the people who work in your building. Mold and mildew occur wherever there is moisture. Mold can develop quickly. Mold and mildew cause health hazards. They are not good for the respiration systems of anyone who works in your building.

Water damage can lead to fire hazards. Roof leaks can make their way into the interior ceilings and walls of your building and leak into the electrical system. This can cause sparks, producing deadly fires.

A commercial roof leak, whatever size, can also be a big frustration. This affects productivity and staff morale.

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How to Avoid Ongoing Roof Issues

There isn’t much you can do to control the weather. A certain amount of roof damage is inevitable. After all, the roof is there to protect the valuable interior of your business.

However, there are things you can do to keep your roof in good repair. Roofing specialists recommend that you take these steps certain steps to maintain a healthy commercial roof.

  1. Constant vigilance is the price of survival. Get a regular roof inspection by a qualified roofing specialist.
  2. Check roof flashings regularly to make sure they are intact.
  3. Keep ventilation ducts clear. Don’t block them.
  4. Have regular maintenance and cleaning of gutters and downspouts.
  5. Trim shrubs and trees so they don’t touch roof, eaves, and downspout
  6. Have missing or damaged shingles replaced immediately.

When Should You Consider a Roof Patch over a Replacement?

Roof patching involves the replacement of only damaged shingles or other roof areas. Roof patching is less expensive. It is a short-term solution. It works effectively if there are only a few areas that need repair.

Check out this informative article by Bob Villa, which can help you decide whether roof patch or roof replacement is the way to go.

Remember, a reputable roof repair professional will look at your roof, assess the damage and help you decide whether to repair or replace your roof.

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Advantages of Roof Replacement

Roof replacement is a long-term solution. Although it is a major expense, it will most likely last for decades. It will get rid of the worry and expense of roof leaks

How to Find a Reputable Roof Replacement Specialist

As with anything else, it’s buyer beware. One of the best strategies is to ask people you trust. They usually can recommend a reputable roofing specialist. You can also check with the Better Business Bureau or Angie’s List for the top-rated commercial roofing companies in Colorado. Always get estimates in writing. Be sure the roof repair or replacement has an extensive warranty. Check to make sure the roofing specialist has the appropriate license and that the company carries liability insurance.

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Having Leaky Roof Problems?

If your business is having leaky roof problems, it’s time to call a roofing specialist. Reliable roofing professionals will survey the condition of your roof and advise you of the extent of the problem. Experienced knowledgeable roofing professionals like B & M Roofing will make recommendations about the best and most cost-effective way to fix your commercial roof leak. We’ll provide you with a free inspection and a free estimate. For more information about making a roof inspection appointment, contact us directly at (303) 443-5843.