installing christmas lights with gutter guards

How to Hang Lights on Gutters With Guards

It’s easy to see why opting for a quality set of gutter guards can be highly beneficial for your home.

If you were to leave your gutters without guards, leaves and debris can start to build up in your gutters. This matter will decay over time, and can even clog up the gutters so that they can’t drain properly.

These will be especially useful during the fall and winter months when the leaves start to shed from the trees. If you have a lot of trees in your backyard, and particularly around your gutter, then you will need to have gutter guards installed to keep everything running smoothly.

The one time of year where gutter guards can complicate things is of course around the Christmas season. We all like to hang festive lights on our homes to celebrate the Christmas spirit. However, if you have gutter guards in place you may be asking yourself, how to hang lights on gutters with guards?

Today, we’re going to show you how you can hang lights on gutters with gutter guards. The good news is there is a variety of methods that you can use to keep things festive without compromising the integrity of your guttering.

How to Hang Lights on Gutters With Guards

How to Hang Lights on Gutters With Guards


How To Hang Christmas Lights On Gutters Without Clips

Below are some of the ways on how to hang lights on gutters with guards in place.

It will, of course, depend on the style of gutter guards you have in place. However, at least one of the below methods should help you to attach your festive lights to your guttering without you having to remove the gutter guards to do so.

Christmas Hooks

One of the best methods is of course to invest in a quality set of Christmas hooks to help with hanging Christmas lights on gutters without clips.

These will essentially feature a length of wire that you can hook into the small holes of your gutter guards. These will then be able to support a variety of Christmas lights from standard fairy lights to icicle lights.

These types of Christmas hooks are perfect for gutter guards that feature a mesh, screen, or perforated design. The hooks can seamlessly fit into the smaller holes of your gutter guards without interfering with their usefulness. The hooks should measure around 3.5 inches, which should be more than enough length for your Christmas lights.

You can of course create your very own version using an old set of metal hangers.
However, you may find it easier to purchase a ready-made set that you can simply slide into your gutter guards.

Leaf Screen Clips

If you have a leaf screen type of gutter guard, then you can opt for a style of clip to help with hanging Christmas lights with gutter guards.

The great thing about leaf screen clips is that they can support the vast majority of Christmas lights. So if you want a more universal clip that will be able to hold your Christmas lights without damaging your leaf screen, this is the type that you should opt for.

This will of course involve climbing your ladder to slide them into place, so remember not to lean your ladder against your guttering. This will help to keep your guttering from becoming damaged.

All-In-One Clips

Depending on the style of gutter guards that you have in place, you might not be able to get any hooks or clips into the guard itself.

In this case, you should opt for a style of clips that you can slide under the shingles of your roof. This can help to keep your gutter guards intact, as you won’t have to fuss around with wiggling hooks into the holes of your gutter guards.

Simply slide the clips under your shingles, above the gutter guards, and you will be able to hang your Christmas lights off these. So while it’s worth noting that these types of clips will ensure that your Christmas lights are placed on top of your gutter guards, instead of having them dangling from your guttering, it still provides a relatively easy option for installing festive cheer.

Self-Adhesive Light Clips

Perhaps you don’t have large enough holes in your gutter guards for Christmas hooks, or can’t fit clips under your shingles.

In this case, you should opt for self-adhesive light clips. These can be secured underneath your guttering using the stick side of the clips. You can then hang your Christmas lights from the hooked end.

The best thing about these types of clips is that they can be used virtually anywhere on your roof. You can place them under your guttering, on the outside of your guttering, or even along the side of your home.


how to hang christmas lights on gutters without clips


How to Hang Christmas Lights in Gutters Without Clips

While it can be frustrating trying to secure your Christmas lights to your guttering, it’s best not to remove your gutter guards to do this.

You should also not resort to hammering nails into your guttering or home just to hang your lights from them. This could impede the effectiveness of your guttering or guards, which we’re sure you don’t want to do.

To effectively hang your Christmas lights from your gutters without using traditional clips, you should instead opt for either Christmas hooks or self-adhesive clips. It will of course depend on the style of gutter guard that you have in place.

If you have holes or mesh on your gutter guards, then you should opt for Christmas hooks that can easily fit into these. You shouldn’t have to force these to remain in place, as you could damage the gutter guards.

Alternatively, you should opt for self-adhesive Christmas light clips that can be secured to the outside of your guttering without damaging them.


hanging christmas lights with gutter guards


Happier Holidays with Hanging Lights

So there you have it!

Gutter guards are definitely worth the investment so as to keep your guttering free from leafy debris. The methods above show how to hang lights on gutters with guards without any damage.

But just because you have gutter guards in place it doesn’t mean that you have to go without your usual festive cheer during the Christmas season.

Installing Christmas lights to your guttering using some of the methods that we have gone into more detail about above will be super easy and effective.

Want to know more about gutter guards and how easy they will be to install on your guttering?

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