Close up of a roof

Is a Leaking Roof an Emergency?

No matter how big or small a leaking roof might seem – it’s an emergency. A small leak can soon develop into a big problem and a big leak can quickly lead to a lot of water damage in your home. If you have a leaky roof, you may not need to replace the entire roof. Sometimes, a combination of smaller repairs and preventative maintenance can stop you from having problems in the future. Here are some things to look out for if you are experiencing a leaky roof and ways you can help prevent leaks in the future.

Find the Source of Your Leaking Roof

If your roof is leaking, the first thing you should do is try to find the source of the leak inside your home or business. Look for puddles on the floor or carpet, dripping water coming from your ceilings, rustic wall stains or moisture in the wall resulting in peeling paint. Often times, if you have an attic – that is the best place to start. Check the insulation in between the floor joists to see if there are any signs of water damage, mold, or stains.

Damage Control

Soak up any standing water and use buckets or large cooking pots to collect any dripping water. Move anything in your affected room(s) that could be damaged by moisture. Put down drop cloths, garbage bags or tarps to prevent any further moisture on your floors and carpets. If you are able to safely access your roof, a tarp is a quick and easy temporary solution to prevent further leaking until you’re able to get a professional roofer to assess your leaky roof.

Preventative Maintenance

Prevent leaky roofs in the future by regularly maintaining the area around your roof. Trim any low-hanging tree limbs around your property. These can scrape and damage your roof’s surface and with high winds, loose branches can come off and cause damage. Make sure your chimney is maintained – smaller roof leaks can be caused by missing or cracked chimney flashing or pipe collars. Clean your gutters if they are clogged with leaves, dirt or debris. Your gutters act as your roof’s drainage system and they play a significant role in keeping your roof leak-free.

A roofing emergency can cause a lot of headaches, but with the help of a reliable and responsible roofing company, it doesn’t have to be a nightmare. If your roof is leaking, contact a professional roofing company to help. Don’t try to repair the roof on your own – there’s too much risk of injury and a homeowner won’t properly assess the actual damage.

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