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Questions to Ask a Roofing Contractor

Your rooftop is so very important. It offers the best protection from the various elements and provides overall security for your home. When your roof becomes unable to function to its fullest potential, it can begin a domino effect which spreads problems all around your home. Homeowners will only replace their roofs once or twice in their lives. This is exactly why it is ever so essential to hire a roofing contractor with merit who will conduct any replacements or repairs needed. Much like with job interviews or getting a car repaired, there are crucial questions you should be asking your roofing contractor. But what are questions to ask a roofing contractor?

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Don’t stress when asking questions.

The fact of the matter is any legitimate roofing contractor will address any inquiry you present.

Never feel like you’re posing too many questions. The right roofing contractor will answer any and all questions to help feel at ease.

You want to choose a roofing contractor who is transparent with their business and crucial that they do a professional job.

Here are some questions to ask a roofing contractor to help choose the best contractor for you.

By no means do you need to know everything about roofing, but knowing some of the right things to ask will help you determine the right contractor for you.

  • Talk to your contractor about materials for your roof and which would be best.
  • You should establish expectations with your contractor and feel comfortable with communication with your contractor throughout the process.

trust a roofing contractor

Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring a Roofing Contractor

Here are some great questions to ask a roofing contractor to ensure your safety as well as theirs:

What is your full company name and physical address?

If a roofing company lacks a physical location this is a bit of a red flag. Select a company who is licensed.

Do you have the appropriate license to do the work?

Have your roofing contractor provide their license information for their location and the name of the license holder.

Having a business license doesn’t equal a roofing contractor license. A business license provides the company’s identity and tax code. This doesn’t provide qualifications for working as a contractor.

Can you tell me about your insurance?

A reliable roofing contractor will have liability and workers’ compensation insurance which provides the homeowner with protection in case of accidents.

The workers’ compensation will provide protection in case of a contractor’s injury. Liability covers any damage caused by the roofers during replacement or repair.

Do you offer a warranty?

Note: there are two separate warranties associated with roofing; a manufacturer’s warranty and a roofer’s warranty. A manufacturer’s warranty covers the roofing materials while a roofer’s warranty covers the work done. A roofer’s warranty usually lasts a year or so, though some contractors offer longer warranties.

How long have you been in business?

Simply put: the longer a roofing company has been around, the better. It is a great way to get a bigger picture for a company as a whole.

The roofing company will be able to provide examples of past work as well as positive reviews they have gotten along the way.

Do you provide written estimates?

You don’t want to be surprised by the bill in the end. Your contractor should present you with a written estimate which states cost of materials, labor, etc.

Do you use roofing subcontractors?

If a roofing company doesn’t involve its own workers for the job, there will be no assurance that the workers will be as skilled or will have the license/insurance needed to do the job.

When a company uses subcontractors, make sure these subcontractors have insurance and the licenses to complete the work.

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What do you do to ensure the project is on time?

Things happen and snags do get in the way sometimes. Your roofing contractor should be able to provide a backup plan which addresses potential obstacles which would extend the job duration.

How will you protect my lawn and property during this project?

Your lawn/exterior of your home should end up looking the way it did before any work set place. Ask your contractor what they do to make sure your lawn doesn’t get messed up. For example, some contractors will set up one path in which they can only walk through.

What do you do with the old material?

Replacing a roof is only half of the job. Removal of the various roofing debris is also something you should get informed with because the very last thing you’ll want after the process is a junk pile in your yard.

Make sure to ask your roofing contractor what they do to ensure that all the junk gets properly disposed of. Most roofing companies will bring along some sort of dumpster to dispose of any junk so you don’t have to mess it.

Though unfortunate, some roofing companies use sales tactics which produce less than professional quality of roof repair/replacement.

Informing yourself on how to properly choose a roofing company, you can ensure yourself that a successful installation of your residential roof repair or replacement, or commercial roofing will be met.

By knowing these questions to ask a roofing contractor, you will know before any work takes place, that you are in the right hands.