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Roof Replacement What to Expect

Getting a new roof can be exciting! While the initial cost can feel monumental, it returns an incredible value for you and improves the overall health of your home. Considering that your roof is what keeps you and your family safe from nature’s elements, it’s definitely a worthwhile investment.  Still, a new roof can mean many things for homeowners. B & M Roofing is addressing a frequently asked question: roof replacement what to expect for homeowners. Continue reading for a basic outline of our process and how you can prepare yourself and your home for expert residential roofing services and new roof replacements.

There are many reasons why it makes sense to replace the roof on your home.

what to expect with roof replacement

Increase Your Home’s Property Value

A new roof makes your home much easier to sell. It also raises the resale value.

Get Optimum Return on Investment

The average return on investment on a new roof is about 70%. This makes roof replacement one of the best home improvements.

Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Home stagers and real estate agents estimate that almost half of your home’s curb appeal has to do with the appearance of your roof. Homes with high curb appeal sell faster and for a higher price.

Increase Energy Efficiency

Older roofs often leak cool air in summer and warm air in the colder months. This means your HVAC system has to work harder. Consequently, it takes more electricity to heat and cool the interior of your house.

Make Your Roof More Cost-Effective

A new roof lets your HVAC system work more efficiently. This shows up in fewer repairs to your heating/cooling equipment. It also saves on your utility bills.

Improve Health

A new roof is healthier for everyone who lives in your house. The new roof keeps things drier. This helps prevent mold, mildew and other health hazards that can cause respiratory problems.

Increase Safety

Waiting to replace a dilapidated roof can become a dangerous situation. Old roofs can collapse causing injury, death, and/or damage to your home’s interior.

roof replacement what to expect

Take Advantage of New Technology

The new roof will have the latest technology. It will provide for new features such as better energy efficiency, skylights to let in more light or even solar panels if you wish.

Reduce Homeowner Stress

It is not relaxing to have the continued worry about your roof every time there is a severe weather event. Because of its age, insurance on your old roof may no longer cover high wind, snow, rain, or hail damages. A New roof will ease your worries and quite possibly decrease the cost of your home insurance.

Indicators that You Need a New Roof


How old is the roof on your house?

This is a good place to start. Roofing specialists recommend replacing roofing that is over fifteen years old. A roof may last about twenty years. This varies with the material used. According to research reported in US News Asphalt shingles don’t last more than ten years while wood shingles may last a quarter-century.

Are there buckled or curled shingles?

The shingles on your house should lie flat. You can check this yourself or have them inspected for curling, buckling, or damage by a roof inspection professional. While you’re at it, don’t forget to check gutters and downspouts. Look for shingle grit. That will tell you that your roof is shedding its protective coating.

Is there any sign of roof valley rusting?

The V-shaped metal channels where your roof angles are roof valleys. Their job is to direct precipitation into the gutters and away from the roof. Rusted valleys may leak and certainly are not efficient for directing the water off the roof. The rain that pools on your roof may leak into your home damaging the interior.

Are there missing shingles or tiles?

Missing shingles, tiles, or shakes give moisture a chance to seep into your house. Over time, that moisture may result in mildew, mold, and costly repairs to walls and ceilings.

Are there baps around the chimney or roof vents?

The flashing is installed around vents and chimneys to protect against leaks. If these flashings get cracked or broken, water can leak into your home.

Can you see daylight through the roof boards?

This is easy to check. On a sunny day, go up into the attic. Look up at the roof. Can you see daylight through the roof boards? This means that the shingles are not covering roof boards. Look for signs that rain is getting into your home through those cracks.

Does your roof appear to be sagging?

Sagging of your roof is a sign of roof rot. Not sure what to look for? There are many indications and warning signs you can assess.

Can you see a buildup of moss on your home’s roof?

A buildup of moss indicates moisture. Check the insulation in your attic for moisture. There are other items to check, as well, which you can read about here from Modernize.

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Ways to Prepare for a Roof Replacement

Before roof replacement specialists arrive, there are several steps you can take to get ready:

  1. Think about how to ensure the safety of your children and pets during roof replacements. There will be increased foot and vehicle traffic. There will also be shingles, roofing nails, and other debris coming off your roof.
  2. Make arrangements with a neighbor, friend, relative, or coworker to relocate your vehicles.
  3. Remove any fragile wall decorations before the roof replacement work begins.
  4. Cover any articles in your attic or move them to another location.
  5. Move patio furniture and other porch or patio articles away from the work area.
  6. Prune shrubs, bushes, and trees near your house. Cut the grass before roof replacement begins.
  7. Locate accessible power outlets for the roof replacement specialists to use.
  8. Make sure arrangements have been made for a dumpster for the debris and decide the best location for this.

How Long Does a Roof Replacement Take?

Unless your home has a huge expanse of roof, expect roof replacement to take two or three days.

Roof Replacement What to Expect

Let’s be realistic. You will have people on your roof removing old shingles. New shingles will be delivered by truck. There will be a lot of people, extra vehicles, and noisy equipment.

During the first day, roofers will remove the existing roof from your house. The second day, they will install the new roof. If your roof is larger and/or if there is roof damage that has to be repaired before the new shingles can be put on, then it may take a day or two longer.

After-Project Cleanup

The entire roofing project should also include cleaning up the area around your home’s exterior. Make sure to get this in writing as part of the roof replacement estimate. Clean up can be a huge undertaking. The debris left from removing the old roof can be extensive and heavy. The right equipment is necessary to remove and dispose of old scrap material. It has to be done carefully so your lawn and driveway are not damaged.

Roofing specialists do a commendable job of cleaning up the mess. However, they may miss roofing nails or shingle or two that fell farther afield. Using a magnet and going over your lawn and flower beds carefully after the roof replacement is always a wise idea. That’s why trimming and lawn cutting before the roof replacement is smart.

Why not Choose Roof Repair?

There are indicators that a full replacement is better than roof repair. Home Advisor explains some of them in their roofing install or repair article.

While it is less expensive to repair your roof, often simply replacing the damaged shingles may spoil the home’s curb appeal.

If your roof isn’t relatively new, the patching may not match. Mismatched shingles can greatly affect potential buyers’ eagerness to buy your property.

Roof repair can end up being costlier than full replacement if several repair jobs end up being done.

If you have more than two layers of shingles, roofing professionals will often recommend you do a full roof replacement. The increased cost of labor and disposal often makes a partial roof replacement less cost-effective than a full roof replacement. If you are hiring a professional roofing crew, they will bring their scaffolding, ladders, and other roofing equipment. Full roof replacement rather than roof repair on your home is often a wiser alternative.

A full roof replacement will make your roof sturdier for future severe weather events such as hurricanes, torrential rains, hail, snow, ice, or high winds.

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Why Choose B & M Roofing?

Once a professional roof inspection determines you need a roof replacement on your house, your next step is to select a competent, licensed roof replacement professional. An experienced roof replacement firm will be able to guide you through decision-making and get that new roof on your home.

When you are looking for a qualified and competent roofing specialist, ask trusted friends, relatives, co-workers, and neighbors about their satisfaction regarding their roof replacement experience. It is also a good idea to check roof replacement websites for area businesses. Read the testimonials on the website.

B & M Roofing has years of successful roof replacement. We’ll willingly put you in touch with satisfied clients.

Replacing a roof is a big expenditure. However, if the replacement is competently completed, it will withstand weathering and wear for decades.

Our roofing specialists at B & M Roofing take our commitment to our valued customers seriously. We also have great pride in doing an outstanding job. For roof replacement what to expect advice, utilize these tips to prepare yourself and your home for expert Colorado roofers.

For more information about our company’s guarantee and to schedule a free roof inspection and estimate, give us a call at (303) 443-5843.