How Roofing Warranties Work

How do roofing warranties work?Your roof is a major investment, and, barring weather damage, you have every reason to expect it to last its stated lifetime. Most roofs are installed with a warranty on materials extended by the shingle manufacturer, and most reputable roofing companies stand behind their workmanship. Because there’s a lot of overlapping elements from the homeowner’s view, it can be confusing trying to understand how roofing warranties work.

Manufacturer Warranties

Manufacturers typically guarantee their shingles and other roofing materials with a warranty on materials. While this can come in any length, from 25- to 50-year coverage, it only protects you against roof failure caused by manufacturing defects. Weather damage, such as wind and hail damage, aren’t covered by warranties against defects in materials, nor are any other conditions that the manufacturer can’t control. Many manufacturer warranties require homeowners to show proof that they maintained their roof properly.

Craftsmanship Warranties

Manufacturer warranties don’t extend to damages caused by improper installation. Mistakes made during installation cause about half of premature roof failures, so it’s critical homeowners choose a roofing company with well trained installers and a warranty to back up their work. An improperly installed roof can take a couple years to fail, so a lengthy warranty is just as important to protect your investment.

B&M Roofing’s installation teams are experts in every type of roofing material, allowing us to extend a five-year craftsmanship warranty on all residential roofs we install. This covers all workmanship-related issues, and like a manufacturer warranty, doesn’t apply to damage caused by weather, animals, fallen branches or other act of nature.

When your roof fails, it’s not as important to understand how roofing warranties work, as much as know that you’re covered. Whether it’s craftsmanship or materials, B&M Roofing offers the coverage on all residential jobs to give homeowners the peace of mind they need to know their investment is protected.