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Curled Shingles

The biggest part of roof maintenance is ensuring all your shingles are properly in place. However, as asphalt shingles age, you might notice their corners start to curl inward or out, which can become a little bit of an eye-sore for homeowners or neighbors passing by.

However, it’s important to note that the impact of curling shingles goes beyond aesthetics. Curled shingles can also result in leaks, structural damage, and mold infestation, creating damages that go beyond your roofing. 

If you spot any signs of damage or wear, call B&M Roofing for immediate action. Our roofing professionals will determine which shingles are damaged and need repair.

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What Are Curled Shingles?

Curled roof shingles will have raised at the edges of the shingle tab. This can occur at the lower edge or even on two sides of the tab. If the center of the shingle is concave, it is referred to as “cupping”. If the edges of your shingles are raising outwards, it is described as “curling”. Both of these can occur on the same roof.

Remember, for your safety, do not walk on curling shingles. It’s best to have your roof observed by a professional or from a secure ladder.  

What Causes Shingles to Curl?

The most common cause of curling shingles can be attributed to turbulent weather and strong winds. Additionally, weather fluctuations can cause shingles to loosen up or shrink, which can lead your roof to look uneven.  

Poor attic ventilation can also cause shingles to curl. A poorly ventilated attic will trap moisture from the air in its decking. This excess moisture can cause the shingles above to curl as a result. 

Curling shingles might also be a result of a poor installation job. There are specifications that many roofing manufacturers follow. They include the number of nails per shingle and nail length. Failure to adhere to these specifications can cause your shingles to prematurely curl. 

Additionally, homes with multiple layered roofs (also known as an overlay) might also be more prone to premature shingle curling, especially if the first roof layer is full of unrepaired damages. In most cases, the second layer of the roof isn’t secure enough and shingles are easily curled or blown by high winds and extreme weather.

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What Damages Can Curled Shingles Have on Your Home?

If shingles aren’t fixed and repaired immediately – water and moisture and seep underneath the shingles, which can rot the wood and foundation of your home. A damaged foundation can lead to leaks, less insulation inside the home and can even promote mold infestations and affect the air quality of your home

Dry and wet rot fungi can also form as they can be destructive for your home. Dry rot can spread quickly throughout the structure’s fabrics and masonry, causing fundal decay. Wet rot is more localized but can also cause structural damage if left untreated. 

To avoid any resulting damage to your home, it’s recommended to have your roof inspected regularly. The cost of repairing a severely damaged roof will be significant, especially if damages and needed repairs are ignored.

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B&M Roofer’s Guarantee

At B&M Roofing, we can inspect your shingles and properly set you up for repair or full replacement. If your roof looks sound but you aren’t sure about its state, call us anyway for an inspection. It’s best to catch small repairs before bigger problems escalate. 

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