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Signs of a Bad Roofing Job

Usually, the decision to replace a roof is prompted by wearing, damaged, or missing shingles. A new roof or reroofing is necessary to prevent leaks. Leaks can result in the build-up of mold in the building. Water leaking into the interior can also rot the structure of your home or commercial building.

Roof damage will almost certainly result in serious interior structural damage. If left untended, repair costs mount at alarming rates.

If your roof is in good shape, it adds significantly to the property value and curb appeal of your building. However, there are some instances where, even with a roof replacement, there are issues with a roof. Some issues can arise because of a bad roofing job. Know the signs of a bad roofing job and how it can be fixed, once and for all.

signs of a bad roofing job

When is the Best Time for Reroofing?

Clear skies and some sun are ideal conditions for reroofing. That’s why spring is a very good time to get that roof repaired.

Spring is also a time when many building owners notice roof problems. Winter brings harsh conditions including cold, ice, and snow. When the snow and ice begin to melt, it is not surprising to find leaks. When temperatures begin to rise adhesive on asphalt shingles will be more effective. The conditions are ideal. With heat increases in the summer, reroofing conditions are more challenging. Autumn can bring wind and rain conditions that make roofing projects challenging.

Beware of Imposter Roofing Companies

Spring is a time when many building owners want roof repairs. Unfortunately, unscrupulous roofers take advantage of the demand. There are scammers out there ready to take your money. Guard against poor roofing repairs by taking these steps:

  1. Ask people you trust about their recommendations for a reputable roofing contractor.
  2. Ask questions about whether the company has insurance for injury and property damage. Is the company bonded, and licensed?
  3. Demand an estimate. If the deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
  4. Ask to see examples of work they have completed. Ask to talk to previous customers.
  5. Check out the company with Better Business Bureau in your area.
  6. What does social media reveal about this company?
  7. If they ask for money upfront, alarm bells should go off in your head.
  8. Don’t sign a contract until you have details and guarantees in writing.
  9. Look for a local company that has been in the business for several years.
  10. Don’t sign off on a job until you have inspected the work.
  11. Don’t pay until all aspects of the job have been fulfilled to your satisfaction. 

signs you need a roof replacement

Signs of a Bad Roofing Job

Stand on the ground and look up at the reroofing project. Do all sections of the roof look uniform?

Does your visual inspection note parts of the roof that are aging differently?

Can you see cracked or missing shingles? Is the roof is missing shingles or does it have damaged shingles?

Are there stains that indicate leakage?

Check out the shingles. Are they mismatched? This indicates the roofer ran out of shingles and substituted a different color, or failed to replace some. Reputable roofers order the right amount of materials and do not skimp.

Examine roof decking, underlay, drip edges, and flashing. Are these in need of repair or replacement? Is the flashing new? Has it been properly installed and caulked? Inexperienced or shoddy roofing contractors often reuse flashing materials from other jobs to save money. Are there signs of rusty flashings or vent pipes?

Is the roofline sagging? The roofline should be straight. If there are dips or curves, the roof decking should have been replaced.

Send a knowledgeable person up on the roof. Different roofs require different nails. Were the correct nails used? Are they properly spaced so the shingles won’t be dislodged or leak? An expert will be able to point out other signs of a bad roofing job and what to do about it.

How Can You Tell if You’re Getting a Good Deal?

  • Did the roofing company estimate competitively?
  • Was the contract detailed and specific? Did the company fulfill all aspects of the contract?
  • Was the job finished on time and within the estimated cost?
  • Did the company leave the area the way they found it? Were shrubs and flower beds left intact? Reputable roofing contractors clear all construction debris, packages, and old shingles. Did you have to dispose of these materials yourself?
  • Upon visual inspection, does the roof look uniform? Are the shingles all the same color? Is the roofline straight with no sags?
  • Did the roofer begin with a starter shingle and continue upward creating both a uniform appearance and allowing shingles to work effectively?
  • Did the job include metal drip edge flashing? Drip edge flashing carries water away from your building. They ensure the gutters do their job. This prevents water damage and guards against pests, rodents, and insects entering the attic. Look at the eaves and gable. A metal flashing fits between the shingle and the underlayment. Did the roofing company custom fit drip edge flashings to create a more secure border on your roof? 
  • Were roof vents replaced with new ones?
  • When the roof was being installed, did the job include underlayment? Quality roofers place an underlayment between the sheathing and the shingles. This acts as an additional barrier to protect from moisture or water leaks. 
  • Did the roofing specialists install rodent covers to prevent rodent damage and debris from getting into plumbing pipes?

roofing job

Why You Should Choose B&M Roofing to Replace Your Roof

B&M Roofing has been providing satisfied Colorado customers with quality roofing since 1947. We are a local company with strong ties to their Denver-area community.

When Colorado’s challenging weather conditions have damaged your roof, it is important to select a Colorado roofing company that understands Colorado roofing issues. Our licensed, bonded, and insured roofing experts will restore your roof, the gutters, downspouts, windows, doors, and siding to their original condition.

When you are looking for an experienced, competent roofing specialist, your best guarantee of good service is customer satisfaction. Ask trusted friends, relatives, co-workers, and neighbors about our roofing projects. Check out the testimonials on B&M Roofing’s website. Happy clients will tell you that we provide competitive estimates and prompt, professional work. 

Our roofing specialists offer prompt, professional work. We leave your property neat and free of debris and finish on time. We use only quality materials that will produce a structurally sound, aesthetically pleasing roof.

B&M Roofing can provide informed, experienced suggestions to help clients make informed decisions about reroofing. We’ll be honest about looking for signs of a bad roofing job. Trust us –

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