Energy-Efficient Roofs

Colorado’s sun is blazing in the summer, and our winters regularly see sub-zero temperatures. Those weather extremes make homeowners extra conscious of their heating and cooling bills. Most people don’t know that your roof and attic play a large role in your home’s energy efficiency. When it’s time to replace yours, consider your options for energy-efficient roofs.

Traditional Asphalt Shingles

While traditional asphalt shingles are durable and cost-effective, they’re not very energy-efficient in the summer. Asphalt shingles heat up during the day, and hold that heat through the night, making it difficult for your attic to cool off at night. While a whole-house fan can help push cool air into your attic and absorb heat from your roof and mitigate asphalt shingles’ heat retention, they’re rarely friendly toward your cooling bills.

Cool Roofs

Cool roofing shingles are designed to reflect as much of the sun’s rays as possible without becoming an eyesore. They’re typically indistinguishable from standard asphalt shingles. Most are also engineered to absorb less of the sun’s heat, keeping it from transferring to your attic.

Concrete Tile

Concrete tile is more expensive than asphalt shingles, but they also come with a much longer lifespan: You can expect to get about 40 years out of a tile roof, about twice that of asphalt. They’re also much more energy-efficient, as they don’t absorb heat like asphalt. Some concrete tiles may be painted with a reflective coating to make them even more impervious to summer heat.

Attic Insulation

Your roofing plays a part in keeping your heating and cooling bills under control, but don’t overlook attic insulation and ventilation. Depending upon the type of insulation you use, you should have 10 to 14 inches of coverage in your attic to keep heat from entering your home in the summer and escaping in the winter. A properly vented attic allows air circulation, helping hot air escape during the summer months.

Energy-efficient roofs can help control your home’s temperature year-round when coupled with proper insulation. B&M Roofing of Colorado is always happy to work with homeowners to find ways to improve their homes’ efficiency. Contact us today by filling out an online form or by calling 303.443.5843.