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How To Choose a Roof Color

A lot of homeowners may not think about this, but choosing the color of your roof can be a huge decision. Especially as there are so many color options out there, you want to make sure that you get it right. We at B&M Roofing have many years’ worth of knowledge and experience when it comes to roofs. We know what looks good and which colors will work better for your home than others. Luckily for you, we have put together the most popular and trending roof shingle colors that will help you know how to choose a roof color.

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Why Does Choosing a Roof Color Matter?

Choosing the right color will provide your house with many benefits.

It improves the longevity of your home and roof.

It also makes your home look more attractive and pleasant to look at. This then adds to the curb appeal, that the right roof shingle color can give your home.

The main thing you want to do is to make the roof color fit in with the color of your home. Thus, you want the colors to complement one another. You want to contrast the siding of your home and the roof.

If you have light siding, then a dark roof is a great option. Sometimes it depends on the style of your home, which affects which color to go for. However, contrast is always really important, as it makes your home more appealing to look at.

Yet, if you are unsure what colors to go for, then start by looking at the roofs of the homes on your street. This will give you an idea of what colors work well in this neighborhood. As mentioned above, the climate in the area that you live in can have a huge influence on the color of the roof you should choose. You will notice that in warmer climates, the roofs are a lighter color. This is so the roof will naturally reflect the UV rays coming from the sun. This then makes the house easier to cool and remain cool.

While in areas with a colder climate, you will notice that they have dark-colored roofs. This is to help keep the heat in the home. Therefore, the right color can help you to save money on energy bills. This is because the right color will reflect sunlight away from your home, which means that it will keep your house cooler during the summer. It also helps to reduce the amount of heat that enters your home through windows or doors. Thus, it is a debate whether you should have a light or dark-colored roof. However, by selecting the right color, you will be able to lower your heating costs and allow you to become more energy efficient.

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How to Choose a Roof Color Online

You may have chosen a color that you like, but you may be uncertain what the color will actually look like. Well, fortunately, you are in luck. Some roofing providers like CertainTeed and GAF both provide a service online that allows you to visualize the color on your roof. This way you can clearly see how the roof will look.

This way, you don’t have to fret about how the finished outcome will look. You can be certain that the color you are going to choose will work with the style of your home and sliding.

Traditional Roof Color Ideas

If you’re stuck on how to choose a roof color, you can always go with the classic colors. Below are some of the most traditional roof colors that never go out of style.

First up, we have the classic white color.  White is one of the most popular colors to pick when it comes to roofs. This is because it looks great on almost any type of building. It blends well with just about everything, including brick walls, wooden fences, and even stone buildings.

Next up, we have the light gray color.  Light gray is another very popular choice when it comes to choosing a roof color.  Not only does it look good, but it also provides a fresh new feel to any room. Plus, it has an amazing ability to brighten up any space.

Dark gray is another very popular option when it comes to selecting the perfect roof color. It goes perfectly with modern homes, and it also looks fantastic with traditional styles.

Finally, we have the black color. Black is another very popular choice for roofing material. As it is such a strong color, it makes a statement wherever it is used.  It is especially effective when paired with other darker colors, like brown or navy blue.

Trending Roof Colors in 2022

If you’re wondering how to choose a roof color, looking at the latest trends might help.

Trends for the exterior of the home are always changing. However, you want to decide on colors that will stay in style for a few years to come.

We have noticed that some of the most popular roof shingle colors for this year so far are the following (and they’re probably going to stick around for a while):

Light Brown – Different hues of light brown, such as desert, sand, or taupe, have become quite popular.

Dark Brown – The hues of tree bark, autumnal brown, and weathered wood are very sought after at the moment.

Blue – Hues of blue such as blue-green, navy, or sky are very popular.

Green – The hues of green known as Moss, Forest, and Hunter are all extremely popular right now.

Off White – White has always been popular, but off-white hues like khaki, beige, tan, and stone are being preferred.

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HOA Regulations with Roof Color

The Homeowners Association (HOA) may have strict rules and regulations about the upkeep of your home. The purpose of the rules set by the HOA is to help maintain the aesthetics and style of the neighborhood.

As a result, you will find that if you want to change your roof, you will need to buy and seek approval from the HOA. In their regulations, it may say what colors are allowed in your neighborhood, but you must still seek approval. If you do not seek approval for the color, then you may face fines and charges for going against the HOA. So, your HOA might influence how to choose a roof color.

If you live in a condo or townhouse, you may be able to get permission to change the roof color without seeking approval from the HOA. However, if you own a single-family house, you will need to seek approval from the HOA.

Once you have made your decision, then we at B&M Roofing can help your dream roof become a reality.