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Metal Roofing Colorado

At B&M Roofing, we offer a variety of metal roofing Colorado services that are reliable and top quality. Metal roofs can feel like a pricey investment, but they’re durable and withstand a number of environmental factors—a huge bonus for homeowners and commercial property managers in the Colorado region.

We’ve been in business since 1947 and strive for quality, trustworthy services. Our metal roofing Colorado services include:

  • new construction or installation
  • repair or replacement
  • ongoing maintenance
  • restoration of exterior architectural sheet metals

Due to the durability and longevity that they offer, metal roofing is a great choice for commercial and residential properties. Learn more about our metal roofing in Colorado below.

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What Are The Benefits Of Having A Metal Roof?

Metal roofs offer a plethora of different benefits. Benefits such as:

  • durability
  • longevity
  • energy efficiency
  • environmentally-friendly

But, along with that, metal roofs are great to have in Colorado, because they protect against intense weather events, such as strong wind and heavy snow. In addition, most metal roofs are completely impact-resistant, will never corrode or decay, and can sustain changing weather and drastic storms.

Seeking a roofing contractor. Here are some guidelines to consider before hiring a Colorado roofing expert for your residential property. Be sure to work with only a reputable source that can supply warranties and insurance, like B&M Roofing.

Durability of Metal Roofing Colorado

On average, a metal roof lasts anywhere from forty- to seventy-years, which is far more than many other roofs. For example, asphalt roofs tend to only last for twenty years. Because of this longevity, metal roofs tend to pay for themselves. Take a look at metal roofing vs shingles comparison article here

Many commercial properties have chosen to use metal roofs, due to the energy efficiency that they offer. When the sun is shining down on a metal roof, the solar heat is reflected off of the roof, rather than absorbed. Because of that, the interior of the building that the metal roof is cooler, which can greatly reduce cooling costs.

More and more people are choosing to invest in metal roofs due to their environmentally-friendly nature. Most metal roofs are made of recycled material, and when that metal roof can no longer be used, the material from that metal roof is recycled as well.

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Metal Roofing Materials

Materials such as steel and aluminum are extremely popular for metal roofs. But, there are plenty of metal roofs that are made out of materials such as stainless steel and copper. Each material has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Out of all of the different metal roofs that exist, most of them are made from either steel or aluminum. Roofs made from other metals, such as stainless steel and copper exist, but they aren’t as prevalent.


Steel is a very popular roofing material, due to the durability, longevity, and affordability that it offers. Steel roofs are built to withstand plenty of wear-and-tear, yet steel roofs are also very inexpensive. Much of this strength comes from the material itself, as well the different coatings that steel roofs use. Most steel roofs use either a galvanized coating or a galvalume coating. Both coatings enhance the durability of a steel roof.


Aluminum is another very popular roofing material. It is very affordable, and it doesn’t corrode or rust in the same way that steel does. But, due to the frequent bouts of intense weather that Colorado experiences, steel roofs are usually the better option, since aluminum roofs tend to dent and damage far more easily.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel roofs and copper metal roofs are less popular than roofs made of steel or aluminum. This lack of popularity comes from the fact that stainless steel and copper are very expensive materials. But, roofs made of stainless steel or copper are exceptionally durable, and this durability ensures the complete protection of the building that the roof is covering.

Are Metal Roofs Expensive?

In comparison to other roofs, metal roofs tend to be rather expensive. But, metal roofs cost as much as they do because of the benefits that they offer. As a result of these benefits, a good metal roof pays for itself.

Metal roofing is more expensive than other types of roofing. But, the higher-prices are for several very good reasons, all of which have to do with the unique benefits that metal roofing offers.

Most metal roofs last for forty-to-seventy-years. Many other roofing materials offer far less longevity, which makes a good metal roof an absolutely fantastic investment.

Metal roofs are exceptionally durable, and they can withstand all kinds of wear-and-tear. Wear-and-tear that includes things like heavy snow and thunder. Since Colorado experiences its fair share of intense weather events, this is exceptionally useful.

Many roofs require frequent maintenance and repairs, but most metal roofs don’t. Because of that, there’s no need to spend large amounts of money on repairs and maintenance, which is another reason as to why metal roofs pay for themselves.

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Metal Roofing Colorado Services

B&M metal roofing Colorado services offer a sound process and approach. Each one of the metal roofing services that we offer has to do with the fabrication and direct application of exterior architectural sheet metals. As such, we can design high-quality metal roofing systems for you, no matter if you need them for a residential or commercial property.

At B&M Roofing, we specialize in the fabrication and direct application of exterior architectural sheet metals. Through our knowledge of exterior architectural sheet metals, we offer a wide variety of different metal roofing services, all of which are related to the installation, repair, and restoration of exterior architectural sheet metals.

Our services consist of the installation, repair, and restoration of

  • metal roofing systems
  • metal wall panel systems
  • gutters
  • cornices and caps
  • meal composite material panel systems

We also offer services related to custom sheet metal fabrication; specialty metalwork for materials such as copper and zinc; and decorative exterior metal cladding and architectural sheet metal roofing.

At B&M Roofing, we will listen to your exact metal roofing needs and craft solutions that fulfill those exact metal roofing needs. By the time your metal roofing project is complete, all of your metal roofing needs will have been fulfilled. Contact us today for your metal roofing Colorado needs at (303) 443-5843.