First B&M Roofing locationB&M Roofing started in 1947 with one truck and a vision.

Since then, we have expanded to serve the majority of Colorado and its surrounding states. After 68 years, our commitment to customer service and our vision for the future remains the same.

John Blakeslee and Mike Michaels opened the doors of B&M Roofing in Fort Collins, Colorado in 1947. They set out to create a company that provided quality roofing and insulation services while practicing fair business. In the early 1960’s they attracted the attention of customer and friend Anthony Kawulok, a general contractor and developer who became a partner in the business. The partners grew the company’s presence, size and capabilities. At this time B&M Roofing operated out of three locations: Boulder, Ft. Collins, and Denver. Blakeslee retried in the mid-1960s and by the end of that decade, Mike and Anthony decided to each operate separately with different companies B&M Roofing of Boulder & B&M Roofing of Ft. Collins.

In 1974 Anthony’s son Conrad joined him full time as he graduated from college. Conrad was B&M President from 1987 to 2009. During that time B&M Roofing of Boulder acquired the assets of B&M Roofing of Ft. Collins and renamed the company B&M Roofing of Colorado. Conrad retired from B&M Roofing in 2010 and is active in the roofing industry as a roofing consultant.

Most recently, Rami Zarifa assumed the role of president in 2017. Together, with his partners, David Heidt, Scott Kawulok, and Brad Taylor B&M Roofing continues to uphold the values established by Blakeslee and Michaels.