signs you need roof replacement in colorado

Roof Replacement Colorado

Anyone looking for roof replacement in Colorado – homeowner or commercial building owner – likely has many questions before taking the leap. The pros at B&M Roofing have guided thousands of customers through the process.

Colorado property owners face unique challenges, like scorching, sunny summers and frigid winters, that make roof replacement essential to personal health and safety.

signs you need roof replacement in colorado

Seven Signs You Need Roof Replacement on Your Colorado Property

Fortunately, you often see a few key indicators that can serve as early warnings. Here are seven factors that reveal the need for roof replacement in Colorado:

Weathered Roof Joints and Junctions

If your building has a sloped roof, it likely has some weak points in the joints and junctions. As a result of harsh Colorado weather conditions – think rain, snow, and complete, direct sunshine–the joints may suffer from wear and tear. Weathering for an extended period causes the shingles to become brittle. In the case of a flat roof, leakage happens as a result of poor quality or cold concrete joints.

A Rattling or Noisy Roof

The material of the shingles makes a massive difference in how often you must replace them. It might also dictate whether your roof requires a minor repair or total roof replacement.

Furthermore, some materials may rattle from high winds; that vibration causes them to loosen in the wind. Additionally, the screws can loosen because of windy conditions, enlarging the holes little by little. Eventually, you may see leaks appear.

Missing or Broken Shingles

Often, your roof takes much physical damage, causing broken shingles. This damage is a visibly unattractive sight. Moreover, it often leads to unnecessary problems in the future if you do not have a roof replacement company fix it.

Are the edges of the shingles curled, cupped, or cracked? It could mean that your roof suffered the impacts of weathering. Constant exposure to sun, wind, hail, and snow, creates bald spots where the granules on your shingles wear away. This erosion makes your home look older and untidy.

Water Seeping Into the Structure’s Interior

When you don’t address damaged shingles or joints, you run a risk that water may permeate the attic joists and ceiling. Here’s why.

Over time, any water that collects underneath the shingles will seep into the wood structures. As a result, the moisture may cause porous materials to warp, swell, or crack. It may even lead to wood rot. Eventually, this causes structural damage. You must not ignore the issue of loose or broken shingles for too long. Indeed, even a tiny crack can cause water to trickle inside.

Structural Shifting of the Building

The greater your structure’s age, the greater the chances the framework of your roof has sustained shock and stress. Modern roof shingles are durable, but they are not immune to the impacts of a building settling or minor, usually unnoticeable shifts or tremors under the earth’s surface. Although this is not a common factor for roof replacement in Colorado, it is something to keep in mind.

The Age Factor

Is your roof over 20 to 25 years old? That age range represents the typical useful life of a shingled roof. In this age range, a repair usually will not suffice. Age weakens the structure, as it faces the cumulative impact of all the above-listed factors. Even worse, these weaknesses multiply to cause large-scale damage over time.

Dark Streaks on the Shingles

Those darkened areas are not waterlogged; they host mold or mildew colonies.

Because your roof is constantly exposed to air and moisture, it is also prone to airborne algae that will create dark streaks on the shingles. Moss, mold, and mildew flourish on damp, low-sunlight spots on roof surfaces, especially in cool, shady, and moist conditions.

best time for roof replacement in colorado

What Is the Best Time of the Year for Roof Replacement in Colorado?

You might wonder what season is best for roof replacement in Colorado. Warm, dry weather is optimal if you have the luxury of planning. However, emergencies often happen during the “off-season.” Of course, the professionals at B&M Roofing stand by to help their customers any time of the year.

Should You Stay Home or Leave During Roof Replacement in Colorado?

Another question you might have is this. Should I stay home during roof replacement?

Here are a few factors to consider:

  • Noise levels: Roof replacement is inevitably noisy. If you want to stay home and relax, that’s one thing. But if you need to concentrate on work, you might find it hard to focus.
  • Scope of work: You should plan to shut off your home comfort systems during a roof replacement; there is no reason to operate your heating or air conditioning – especially if your job requires sheathing replacement.
  • Pets: Your pets might find the process stressful. Some homeowners find it best to board their pets at a pet daycare on roofing day to avoid the stress, noise, or even accidentally slipping outside.
  • Safety: The final, and most important consideration, is the safety factor. The crew will walk across your roof, use tools and equipment, and perhaps even block your vehicle in the driveway.

Because of the many variables that cause disruption of a customer’s routine on a job site, many roof replacement specialists in Colorado would prefer you stay safely off the premises while they work.

home roof replacement colorado

Cost Factors for Roof Replacement in Colorado

Now that you see the signs that indicate the need to replace your roof, you probably want to know the price tag that comes along with roof replacement in Colorado..

The total roof replacement cost in Colorado varies depending on various factors. Here are a few things that impact the cost:

  • The desired roofing material: Do you want asphalt shingles or metal roofing?
  • Does your home have structural damage: Has a water leak caused damage to the sheathing or joists?
  • The size of your roof: An expansive commercial roofing job is far costlier than a residential roof replacement based on labor and materials costs.

Put your mind at ease about the investment in a new roof by contacting B&M Roofing for a free quote for your job. They are fully insured, licensed general contractors as required by Colorado law and will handle the entire job, from pulling the roof permit to leaving your home pristine when they leave.

You can request a free estimate from B&M Roofing here.

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