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Colorado Residential Roofing Contractors

Colorado residential roofing contractors strive to help homeowners create safer living conditions and preserve the value of their homes. A safe, leak-free, well-maintained roof is essential. 

A residential roof lasts fifteen to twenty years, depending on the shingle quality. Eventually, there comes a time when you might start to see some signs of wear–and that’s when it is time to reach out to expert Colorado residential roofing contractors for a professional inspection.

Colorado Residential Roofing Contractors

Colorado Residential Roofing Contractors Understand the Dangers of a Leaky Roof

You should address a leaky roof right away. Moisture in your home presents significant three significant dangers.

  • First, as mentioned above, a humid, dark attic is a perfect breeding ground for mold and mildew. The spores can trigger asthma or other breathing problems. Mold will also continue to multiply, complicating matters even further.
  • Secondly, wood is porous–your roof sheathing, studs, attic floor joists, and plywood will retain the water and rot relatively quickly. That weakens these structures. Eventually, you must replace not only the roof but also these.
  • Third, moisture can seep into electrical systems, from light sockets to electrical outlets. We all know that water and electricity do not make good partners–enough said.

What Do Residential Roofing Contractors Do in Colorado?

Colorado residential roofing contractors can provide various services, including roof inspections or assessments, roofing repairs, and roof replacement.

Below, we will take a brief look at each of these services.

Roofing inspection:

If you have a leaky roof or suspect you have extensive wear on your shingles, it’s time to call in a pro.

An inspector will assess your roof, looking for these signs of wear and tear. Once they complete the inspection, they recommend the following steps–repair or replacement.

  • Cracked or worn shingles: The granules on your shingles can erode over time due to constant exposure to wind, snow, ice, and rain. The freezing and thawing of ice pose a particular threat to roofs in Colorado. These bare spots on the shingles will become cracks over time. Eventually, that weak point will cause leaks.
  • Missing shingles: If you have places where shingles are gone altogether, you are at risk for other headaches–like mold or mildew accumulating in your attic.
  • Curled shingles: Shingles can lift and curl due to the elements, opening a gap that allows moisture to seep into your home.
  • A look inside your attic: The best Colorado residential roofing contractors will take the inspection and look inside your attic. They will note any wet insulation, moldy spots, stained roof sheathing, or other signs of moisture or leaks.

What Do Residential Roofing Contractors Do in Colorado?

Roofing repairs:

If you notice shingle wear and tear early enough, a roofing repair may be possible. This process involves removing all damaged shingles and replacing them with new paper and shingles.

Roof repairs are often necessary due to unexpected circumstances–a blustery storm rips the shingles away or blows a tree over onto the home. These disasters feel overwhelming, but roof repair is possible without catastrophic damage.

Quality roofing repair will look seamless, matching the existing shingles well. It also makes your home safe again for you and your family.

Roof replacement:

A total roof replacement by your local Colorado residential roofing contractors is often the best solution to ensure your home is dry and safe.

The roofing crew will remove the old roof and paper. They will also inspect the roof sheathing to ensure it retains its integrity–and switch out any of the underlying wood that might need it.

An experienced and reputable roofing company might also suggest upgrades or improvements to the airflow of your attic. Heat buildup in the summer can shorten a roof’s lifespan. Conversely, poor airflow can cause ice dams during the winter. Now is the time to make that upgrade so that you will enjoy the replacement roof for a long time.

Finally, they attach new roofing paper and shingles. Professionals will leave your yard clean and your home safe–and your roof all set for many more years.

Why You Should Use Residential Roofing Contractors

Roofing is not a DIY or weekend project. Your roof is a critical structure that protects your safety and your investment. Furthermore, roofing is a dangerous job.

Residential and commercial roofing contractors have extensive knowledge of replacing your roof and the safety protocols.

Getting on top of a roof presents several hazards:

  • Slip and fall off the roof, which increases with steeper pitches
  • Ladders that can tip over, causing injury to a homeowner
  • Minor injuries like scrapes and cuts
  • Dehydration–shingles soak in the sun’s rays and retain the heat.

Roof inspection, replacement, or repair is a strenuous, dangerous job. It is a task that you should leave to professionals.

Are Colorado Residential Roofing Contractors Licensed?

Colorado does not mandate roofing licenses; instead, they fall under the same licensing guidelines as general contractors. Furthermore, they must carry a business license issued by their municipality or local governing authority.

Why You Should Use Residential Roofing Contractors 

Choosing the Best Colorado Residential Roofing Contractor

It can be overwhelming to weigh all the options when it’s time to choose a contractor. Many companies claim to do excellent work, but how do you choose a residential roof contractor who is the real deal?

Here are some questions to ask when interviewing a Colorado residential roofing contractor:

  • Does the contractor carry the business license, as required?
  • Is the contractor fully insured for liability and workers’ compensation?
  • Does the contractor guarantee the work for quality and durability?
  • Do they work with a shingle brand that carries a warranty?
  • Are the employees properly trained?
  • What safety measures will the employees take while on the job?
  • Can the contractor provide references? (Hint: Call the people!)

The Takeaway: B&M Roofing Is the Best Colorado Roofing Contractor Team

B&M Roofing takes pride in the quality of our materials and our employees’ extensive knowledge and experience. We take pride in upholding the most modern standards and will treat your home as our own.

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