Shingled Roof with with person climbing

Roof Safety Tips

As the seasons start to change and you are preparing to do spring cleaning and work around your house, we want to remind you how to be safe on your roof. Whether you are taking down holiday lights and decor or checking your roof for damage and leaks, you should follow these roof safety tips.

Wear proper clothing

One of the most common causes of falls from roofs is the lack of appropriate clothing. Most importantly, boots. We recommend that if you are going to be on your roof that you invest in a pair of steel-toed boots. They will provide a better grip on your roof and protect your feet from injury. Never wear sandals or open-toed shoes on a roof. We also recommend that you dress for the weather. Wear clothes that will protect you from the elements. You should also wear gloves, safety glasses, and a hard hat if you are doing substantial work on your roof.

Use a safety harness

Slips and falls off roofs can lead to serious injury and even death. We advise anyone who will be working on their roof to be sure to use a safety harness, especially when working on steep areas of a roof. A safety harness will help prevent injury or death in the event you slip or fall off your roof. Some states require safety harnesses to be worn on any roof above ten feet.

Use an extension ladder

Having too short of a ladder is also another common cause of injury during roof projects. Leaning over short ladders causes many falls each year due to ladders toppling over. Ladders need to safely touch the roof so you don’t have to lean forward. They should also extend just slightly over the roof as you will want to be able to grab the edges on your way down. Extension ladders make it easy to adjust a ladder to the proper height.


At B&M roofing, the safety of our workers is of the utmost importance. We go above and beyond to ensure the safety of our crews and customers. Our number one priority is to keep our workplaces accident free. We have implemented a number of programs to help ensure a safe work environment that you can read more about here. For a free estimate, contact our roofing experts by filling out this form.