A tile roof with hail and damage.

How to Inspect Your Roof for Hail Damage

Summer in Colorado oftentimes means late afternoon thunderstorms and hail. While pea-sized hail is unlikely to do any damage, hail 1” in diameter (quarter-sized) can be detrimental to your roof. If you’ve recently had a storm roll through your area with decent sized hail, you may be curious to know if there was any damage done to your roof. Here’s how to inspect your roof for hail damage.

Safety First

Before you get up on your roof, we want to remind you that safety should be your first priority. Plan on wearing soft-soled shoes or roofing boots for safe walking on your roof. Always check that your ladder is in perfect working condition and bring some chalk to mark up any damaged areas. Never go up on your roof alone, always have someone outside with you!

Start With Obvious Damage

By looking for damage to gutters and downspouts, you can bet that your roof sustained some damage too. Make your way around your home to take inventory of damage on some of those items. You may also look for damage to window sills, siding, and even your air conditioner.

Inspect the Roof Features

Once you’ve inspected damage around the roof, it’s time to get on the roof. Check all of the roof vents and features that could have sustained damage like skylights. For hard to inspect areas like chimney covers, run your chalk sideways over the surface. This will uncover hail impact points.

Inspect the Shingles

Hail damage to shingles can be either very easy or very difficult to uncover. It usually takes a trained eye. What you should look for are any areas where granules have been knocked off of the shingle. Once granules have been knocked off of a shingle, integrity has been compromised and a leak can develop over time. Circle each area that you find with chalk.

Now that you’ve done your inspection, it’s time to call in some experts to take a second look to determine what your next step will be. The roofing experts at B&M Roofing are happy to provide you a free estimate after a hail storm. You can contact us by calling 303.443.5843 or by submitting a free estimate request online!