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As a reputable company, B&M Roofing has offered dependable roofing services for commercial and residential properties throughout the Littleton, Colorado area. We’ve been providing excellent care for our customers since 1947 and continue to strive to uphold the best standards for all roofs we repair, replace, and install. Our homeowners and commercial building managers can depend on our highly qualified team to assess needs, make recommendations, operate safely, and ultimately provide a product that is worth your investment and time. Since roofs come at a significant cost, it’s important to consider the best methods for finding and hiring an expert roofing contractor.

Roofer Littleton – Our Commitment

We operate 24/7 and can provide emergency repairs for Littleton homeowners. B&M is a licensed and qualified roofer in Littleton serving the needs of homeowners and businesses in the immediate and surrounding areas. Our commitment to excellence is evident in the various projects we’ve completed throughout the state, but especially locally. We’re invested in our customers and continue to offer ongoing maintenance and support, whatever your needs. Contact a reliable roofer in Littleton today at (303) 443-5843.

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We offer trusted solutions for roofing repairs and new installations designed for Littleton Colorado homes. We can give you the quality roof you’re looking for, worth the investment.

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Our roofers in Littleton also take care of businesses and commercial buildings. We can help assess requirements. In addition, we utilize the best roofing materials at competitive prices.

Commercial Roofing Littleton CO

At B&M Roofing, we offer commercial roofing services throughout the entirety of the Littleton suburb. We specialize in commercial roofing services such as commercial roofing maintenance, commercial roofing repair, commercial roofing replacements, commercial roofing inspections, and commercial roof construction.

Within a single-year, Littleton receives an average of 69-inches of snow. All of this snow can easily lead to problems that affect the quality of a commercial roof. Problems such as there being too much snow on a roof, or the snow melting and then freezing; to name just two examples. Both of those problems can lead to a commercial roof becoming weaker and weaker and then breaking down.

Since these problems are so commonplace, due to the amount of snow Littleton receives annually, B&M Roofing offers valuable services that allow you to prevent and fix those problems. Each one of these commercial roofing services is designed to fulfill the exact commercial roofing needs that you have, in the best way possible.

If your commercial roof needs to be inspected, repaired, or replaced, then B&M Roofing will help you do that. If your commercial roof needs regular maintenance, due to previous issues, B&M Roofing will help you do that. If you need to design an entirely new commercial roof, one that can withstand Littleton’s intense weather, then B&M Roofing will help you do that.

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Littleton Roofing for Homeowners

Every year, Littleton is consistently ranked as not only one of the best places to live in Colorado but one of the best places to live in America. As more and more people continue to move to Littleton – choosing to begin new careers and start families – there is a tremendous need for quality residential roofing that can withstand Littleton’s intense weather. Fortunately, B&M Roofing offers expert residential roofing in Littleton.

Since Littleton’s weather can, at times, be rather intense and erratic, residential roofing problems are not uncommon. More often than not, though, these problems are unexpected. That’s why B&M Roofing offers a residential roofing estimate that is completely free. We’ll take the time to evaluate the needs of your existing roof and make recommendations for the best approach on repairs or replacements If your residential roof is experiencing issues – both big and small – B&M Roofing will get down to your residential property and evaluate needs quickly.

Right after B&M Roofing has assessed your residential roof, you will know exactly what needs to be done. If specific repairs need to take place, B&M Roofing will outline what those repairs are, why they’re beneficial, and how much they will cost. If your residential roof needs to be replaced, B&M Roofing will work with you on constructing a new roof.

For residential roof construction, B&M Roofing will consider your specific roofing needs. If there are specific roofing systems you require, a particular aesthetic that you like, or a material that you want – among other needs – B&M Roofing will fulfill those exact needs.

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Roofer Littleton – Residential Services

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Architectural Sheet Metal Roofing Services

For the intense weather of Littleton, metal roofs are superb. Due to their strength and durability, metal roofs are able to protect commercial and residential properties from intense snow, ice, and wind; among other weather events. Because of that, B&M Roofing offers services related to the installation, repair, and restoration of architectural sheet metals.

For the intense weather of Littleton, metal roofs are, more often than not, the best choice. Metal roofs are strong, durable, safe, low-maintenance, and they last for a long time. Due to those qualities, they are great at protecting commercial and residential properties from the elements.

Since metal roofs are so useful, B&M Roofing has been offering architectural sheet metal services since 1947. Each one of these services has to do with the installation, repair, and restoration of architectural sheet metals for specific roofing purposes. Purposes such as the development of high-quality metal roofing services, fabricating custom metal sheets for specialized roofs, performing restoration on historical buildings; among a variety of others.

Regardless of the exact purposes that you have, B&M Roofing will work with you directly on performing the architectural sheet metal services that allow that purpose to be fulfilled. Throughout the entire process, you will have complete control over what is being done, so that your metal roofing is exactly the way that you need it.

Quality Roofing Service & Repair

For the Littleton area, B&M Roofing offers repair services for nearly any kind of roofing. It doesn’t matter how big – or small – the roofing project is, nor does it matter what needs to be repaired; B&M Roofing can repair it!

At B&M Roofing, we offer a wide variety of roofing repair services. Services that pertain to roofs and roofing projects of all sorts. It doesn’t matter if a simple residential roof needs to be repaired, or a large commercial roof; B&M Roofing has the expertise and resources to perform the necessary services.

Some of the specific roofing repair services B&M Roofing can provide are as follows:

Regardless of the roof that requires those services, and regardless of the specific repair needs that you have, B&M Roofing can repair your roof.

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Emergency Roof Repair Services

Unfortunately, roof emergencies are rather common, due to the intense weather that Littleton experiences. Roof emergencies are almost always incredibly disruptive, and that’s why B&M Roofing offers emergency roof repair services. No matter what time it is, or what has happened, B&M Roofing will be there to fix your roof.

Roof emergencies are rather common in Littleton, due to the frequent bouts of intense weather that the area experiences. Because of this, and because of just how disruptive roof emergencies are, B&M Roofing offers 24/7 emergency roof repair services. It doesn’t matter what time it is, or what the emergency is; B&M Roofing will show up and fix your roof.

To make use of the emergency roof repair services that B&M Roofing offers, all you must do is call the around-the-clock emergency roof repair phone number. By doing so, a team from B&M Roofing will be sent out to your location.

When this team arrives, they will begin analyzing the current situation. The damages that have taken place, and what’s needed to repair those damages, will all be logged. From that information, B&M Roofing will then work with you on repairing your roof in a manner that meets your needs.

  • B&M Roofing offers 24/7 emergency roof repairs
  • B&M Roofing will work with you on repairing your roof in a manner that is right for your needs