Inspecting a Roof from the Attic

There’s a lot an inspection of your shingles can tell you about your home. Taking a look at the condition of your roofing is an essential part of home maintenance, but you don’t always need to get out the ladder to check up on your roofing: You can also get a feel for the condition of your roof by inspecting a roof from the attic.

Inspecting a roof from the atticNext time you’re digging around the boxes in your attic, take a few moments to look around and see how your roof is doing. It’s not a substitute for a walk across the rooftop, but it’ll provide a different perspective.

  • Vents: Take a peek at your vents – both rooftop and in-wall – to make sure they’re working properly. You should be able to see light through them if they’re venting correctly.
  • Darkened Wood: Dark patches on your rafters or roofing can indicate moisture damage. In some cases, this may come from a leak. In others – though not as often in Colorado’s arid climate – it’s the result of poor circulation that allows for condensation to sit in the attic too long. Either way, you’ll be paying the price in water damage.
  • Water Spots: Water stains obviously indicate leaks in the roof. If you’re lucky enough to catch them before they show up in your living space, address the issue immediately. Locate the approximate region on your roof – measure the distance from the center of the stain to the edges of your roof – and investigate outside.
  • Mildew or Mold: Another sign of moisture, mold blooms signal that your roofing or venting isn’t up to snuff. Eliminate the source of the moisture before it further damages your home.

You don’t need to be a professional home inspector to benefit from inspecting a roof from the attic – just a homeowner with a pair of eyes and the patience needed to give the underside of your roof a good once-over. Find any issues? Need help inspecting the exterior? B&M Roofing of Colorado is always ready to provide free estimates.